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Optic neuritis

I am new to this site and was diagnosed almost 2 years ago. I had a recent relapse in October where I lost complete vision in my left eye (optic neuritis). I had 3 days of iv steroids in October but have seen very little improvement since. Is it safe to say that my eyesight will not be returning given the time that has lapsed (about 3 and a half months)? I am losing hope but want to see if anyone took awhile to get their sight back?

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3 months ago

Hi megan. This is just my experience of optic neurosis. I suffer extreme pain in my left eye for two days then my vision in that eye was complete reduced. The pain went away but the vision never recovered. It’s been 4 years and still no change. I have just gotten used to it so I function fine now. Sorry but that is what happened to me. Maybe you will be different.

3 months ago

Hi @megan_singleton and welcome.

I have read accounts of members that have experienced improvements over a 12 month spell or more.

So, hang in there and give it more time.

3 months ago

Hi Megan, each of us is so different. I lose my sight whenI relapse. Have had this argument a number of times at the hospital because I know if I don’t get the intravenous steroids within 24 hrs I will go blind. Have frequently asked the doctors “is the ward very busy” of course the answer is always yes, so I ask “how much busier will it be if a totally blind person has to ring for a nurse for every loo trip every drink requirement etc.,” they usually see my see my side of things eventually. I once threatened to sue them if I lost my sight because they didn’t treat it quickly enough as I have a couple of ms aquantancies who are now registered blind because sadly that can happen. But it is far less likely to happen now, that was 20 years ago and hopefully things have moved in. As Stumbler says, it can take a while so hang in thereπŸ₯ŠπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜œπŸ˜

3 months ago

Hi Megan, sorry to hear about your recent relapse. ON was my first symptom and I lost the sight in my left eye. I had 3 days of IV steroids and it took 12 months for my vision to return almost back to normal. Everyone is different but I wish you a speedy recovery

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