robl 27/04/18
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Optic Neuritis


Has anyone experience strain being put om the “good eye” when suffering from optic neurits. My ” good eye” has started to feel uncomfortable and gritty/tired and this is obviously worrying me.


Rob L

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2 months ago

I haven’t had optic neuritis but I did almost lose a eye when I was a child. The strain on my other eye made it weaker. When I got corrective glasses after the accident both lens had to have some correction, I didn’t wear glasses previously. They said it was caused by the strain my injured eye put on it trying to compensate. I think I was suppose to rest my eyes more, I remember they told me not to read. I was 10 years old, I probably didn’t follow doctors orders. Potter

2 months ago

Hi potter,

Thanks for the response! I have recently started a phased return to work after the relapse so hopefully i am just overdoing it! Ill try to rest it more.

Thanks again

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