vivy0511 15/12/17
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Only 15 minutes

If you guys have 15 minutes free try to watch this video, it was really interesting!

Silvia xx

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7 months ago

Wow! Thanks for the video … very interesting and useful.

When I was first diagnosed with MS, I was on a spree of unhealthy thoughts and self pity. Why me ? Why me ? Somebody who has had no big heath problems, good bmi, no family history of MS, workout regularly, eat healthy etc. During this time, I happened to see a post from another MS’er who was in a similar mindset as me. But he responded to himself with a ‘Why not me’ ? MS doesn’t seem to follow any rules on how it strikes people down. That sort of calmed me a little. I then moved on .. I have this now and will fight this!

7 months ago

Thanks! Very good talk! I love TED talks. Xx

7 months ago


WOW! Inspirational. So glad I watched it. Thank you for posting it on here. 😃

I will take this fully on board and pledge to make a small change at a time and see where I am in say, 6 months from now.

Truly inspirational.


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