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Once Upon A Time

Flashback to the year 2003: I was 23, going on 24 and pregnant with my first (only) child. I was working in a Fedex Ground warehouse and I was 6 months along when during a shift, my right eye went blind! Oh how fun it was, I’m sure you can imagine!? What followed was literally the worst 3 months and 1 week of my life. Between my eye vision and pain being overlooked as “pregnancy hormones” and me being an “overdramatic woman”, so said doctors and my unborn childs father/family. When FINALLY I found a doctor, a neurologist who believed in me.. and wanted to help prove that I wasn’t crazy. After countless tries to get an MRI, he gave me a script for an emergency MRI and sent me back to the hospital that made me feel so small. To their dismay, I had to be taken seriously this time! After weeks of researching my symptoms and countless nights of zero sleep.. I laid in the MRI quietly humming The Beatles with a smirk on my face, “This will teach them to try and cut me down to small pieces!” “My pain is real, my pain in real.. I will prove them all wrong!” While I waited in the ER room for my results, one of the most amazing humans waltzed in with 6 boxes of the dinner kits, a small six pack of coke and so much love to comfort me. During this entire experience, I’m leaking milk from the emotional rollercoaster and the pain in my eye socket.. all while my little one’s father is still huffing and puffing, complaining that I drug him along on my “crazy baby mama” hormones.

Cue Doctor with results: “Ma’am, you have what’s called – optic neuritis. Which is the first sign symptom for Multiple Sclerosis.” My eyes got wide and I started laughing… literally convulsing with laughter. Little ones father dropped his phone and went ghost white with guilt and disbelief. After the laughter quieted, and I cussed him out and told him to leave. They admitted me for 4 days for observation while on the steroid. I felt like I was on top of the moon, until they told me the MS was off the table since the optic neuritis cleared up. I was soo confused but I honestly knew better.

To be continued..

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@kaleidoscopeeyes , your tale will resonate with a fair few members here. 😉

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Uhmmm… I appreciate your background – but how can we assist?

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