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Im new here and im like going crazy! I been feeling all MS symptoms it started with tinnitus really mild about 2 years ago, then it got really loud to the point of going crazy, it was like that for a few months then it got really low i can still hear the noises but Im used to it, then I can still remeber i was driving back from work and i could feel a tiggly sensation on my right arm and my wrist got really tight, im a black jack dealer so i thought its something related to my job a a few months go by and im the feeling went away, so im living my life really happy and all of the sudden i get numbnes on the right side of lips just right side and then the tonge only right side and my lower eye lid starts to twich so im like WTF im having a stoke! So i drive to the ER. CTSCAN doctor says No stoke,No tumors,Everything is normal im like if everything is normal why this feeling!?!?!? So then i start to get allergy symptoms , I never get allergies. So i go regular doctor and he says i think you might have MS or lyme or something like that so im like ok whats next?! Sent me to a neurologist, he made me walk checked my eyes ,reflexes, all normal he said everything looks ok so im like why the numbness! ?! Answer?! He says its
Stress or anxiety pay on your way out! Im like ok cool so the numbness goes away after a few months then i went on a trip to vegas i was having a blast! Stress what stress party like an animal and the next day i wake up with my tinnitus so loud that i fking cried it was driving me insane as soon i leave the room in to the sun i could see like 6 to 7 floaters on each eye and im like WTF is this im 38 floaters?!?! And pain in my right only. I knew anxiety and stress didnt cause this so i go back to my regular doctor and sends me for an MRI scanned all the way from head to toes 2 hours on that machine w contrast spine everything and all normal!! Got tested for lyme lupus cancer everything and all clear so tinnitus and floaters are still here with me till i die and its weird because on september BOOM!!
Numbness on right hand tightness and face numbness only right side my tonge felt like it was burning but no pain just like disconfort! And my eyelid lower right side twitching everytime i blink!! So annoyed! Go back to my doc by the way he is really cool and told me we are goingn find your problem! He says Lumbar Puncture! Im like your crazy! Nope lets find out if your fluid tells me something testing forneverythibg ms blah blah, two more mri all negative! Im so tired
I definitely known something is wrong the numbness still there i can feel it now on the back of troath and im really freaked out i can tell my eyes are getting worse , when i walk i feel tired,
Sometimes i feel dizzy and vertigo eventho itnjusts last for like 10 minutes then i have this like mental fogg like if i had a helmet on but i dont! I get muscle twiches really mild ones and weird burning sensations on right side by armpit
And some facial roache feeling and itchiness on right side of face l, nonproblems walking , well thanks for taking the time to listen, i really just hope i find whats going on with me before i go crazy its so weird, i feel like people think im crazy like im making shit up but im not! I have no reason to thing that sucks is that its draining me mentally specially the tinnitus i go to the beach and scream Im afraid its going to get worst and wont be able to handle it. Eventho i consider my self strong this diease its kicking my ass!;
Thanxs for listening!

Got another lp and mri on the way soon!
Hope something shows up.

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2 years ago

Hi @sergio619 and welcome.

It is frustrating when you know there’s something wrong and yet the cause can’t be identified. Unfortunately, our bodies are complex pieces of kit and our Doctors aren’t magicians. But, with enough evidence, they can usually pinpoint the problem. This where the term, patients (patience) must originate.

What you need to do is create a short, concise list of all the strange symptoms that you have experienced, with dates and duration. And, keep this list up to date. Then, when you get to see the Doctor and Neurologist, pass them a copy of the list and ask them to explain the probable cause.

It’s true that anxiety and stress can cause strange things to happen to our bodies. It causes the brain to release chemicals which can adversely affect our Central Nervous System (CNS), which is the same area targeted by MS.

So, be patient and acknowledge that something is going on. Just take care of yourself and don’t over-do things.

2 years ago

I know everyone is different but the symptoms I experienced were double & blurry vision, loosing control when writing & thinking process was completely off sometimes.
Muscle spasms, kind of like a floating feeling & lots of eye pain, extreme fatigue.

2 years ago

My symptoms are occasional tinnitus, Vertigo, very poor depth perception, feeling completely out of it. Today my left hand from the wrist down feels non existent yet I know this is sensory so I tend to try to ignore this particular symptom. A relapse I had really affected my cursive so I had to retrain myself how to write again as it looked like I was an elementary kid when I would attempt before. The cognition and memory issues are the most alarming to me.

2 years ago

Forgetting how to cursive happened to me before too! But before I was diagnosed, thinking back it definitely was a relapse symtom.

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