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Off the meds and back on my MS diet!

Positivity only please 🙂

Oh my gosh I wish we could post picture on here, I have been making the best meals the last few days. A mix of the OMS diet and ms diet for women. I have noticed in the past that legumes have made me tired so I am staying off them for a while!

I have also just got myslef some flaxseed oil that has been PROVEN by Professor Jenliek to reduce relapse rate by 66% during a year long study!

When coming completely off the meds I knew it wasn’t going to be all plane sailing! Yesterday I had the unwelcome return of pins and needles all over, which I have not really suffered with for a few years. I came on here and read some posts that put me in a negative mindset. I felt down and needed some reassurance.

I then went back to my research and remembered turmeric! I have some termeric tea in the cupboard and must have had at least 10 cups during the day. Low and behold I woke up this morning with only the very faintest of pins and needles when sitting on my leg when playing on the floor with the kids.

My positive mindset and belief in my own body has been restored!!

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1 year ago

@hollylb10 , it’s whatever works for you. And it sounds like it’s all helping.

Let’s hope it continues for you. 🙂

1 year ago

Thank you @stumbler 🙂 I really believe that it is mind over matter, positivity and healthy living that help with many diseases!

1 year ago

Well I’ve been 8 yrs off treatments and 5 before rhem and I still functionand never get any relapses for yrs. I dont do diet because I’m so under weight and have bad apetite so i dontbeat much either way.

I hope you feel better with your new step ever after x

Best regards

1 year ago


Hi I’ve added you as a friend seen as you said to message you about tips you’ve learned about ms but I can’t private message you yet as no button for me to do so

Also on what you’ve wrote now well done ! Although I thought too much flax seed was inflammatory because of the omega 6 content
I take tumeric daily. How much were you taking that it helped the pins and needles and what do you use for pain ? Same or anything else ?

Rachael x

@rachaellouise We follow OMS closely and flaxseed oil is a very important part of it. Its actually very high in omega 3 and is anti inflammatory. Here is the clip from Professor Jelinek talking about it (its only 1 minute long):

FYI, I dont think its proven, its just an association (as he says in the video).

1 year ago

Hey, I think it has been proven recently by his own studies….not that the medical industry will take one bit of notice of that!

That’s a shame you can’t PM me, I don’t know why that would be. I have just been drinking tumeric tea, I had capsules but they have gelatine so I am looking for an alternative. I think this has also helped with the pain.

Thanks for adding the video above. Flaxseed oil tastes rank but I am hoping it is worth it. Only my second day so I will keep you updated. X

1 year ago

Hi Holly
Being a recent returner to this site, I too spotted, there are a lot of MS warriors battling courageously & who are rightly using this place to vent & ask the awkward questions. we all need to. as we need to post the positive stuff too if not for ourselves the newly initiated in the MS family.
So encouraging your positive call, I too have studied the pages of MS stuff on the interweb & found things that work for me, basics like, Vitamin D (awesome stuff) perhaps a little bit of weed (allegedly), avoiding certain foods adding other odd stuff (cinnamon being one) I generally have found it’s flavours I craved but never knew why, perhaps our bodies do talk to us, but that doesn’t mean we can eat shed loads of Chocolate, sorry 🙂
Mindfulness is word banded about a lot, but I’ve found it’s different things to different people, & takes perseverance to master, mine can be anything from mindless online gaming (the gentle stuff – cards, backgammon etc) to redirect my head away to a quieter place or the full on, flat out meditation where I literally try to re-programme my brain to avoid the ‘sparkly’ bits.
based on the concept we only use 10% of our brain, there’s 90% doing bugger all & it can start to be of some use to me.
And then there is the stress, MSer or not, stress & imaginings have given me more issues & exasperated more symptoms than anything else, yes I have MS, yes bits of me can ‘drop off’ but I concentrate on the things I can & not what people tell me I can’t do or not what I used to be able to do.

(like Tog1 just a damn sight better at it)

1 year ago

I just wanted to add….nothing really😆😆😆, you have said it all!!
Sometime I seem to let the mountain I’m climbing becoming more and more hard and difficult…but hey, reading here makes me want to continue fighting…I have been sewing, and now I’m writing…so what I say to myself is stop hiding in any possible crevice you find and let’s go back to that sport that is rock climbing…metaphorically speaking of course😉!!!
The track I chose to follow is: diet (mind what goes into your body, mine is mostly Wahl’s – two years – and lately something from OMS), listen carefully for any sign that comes from your own body…learn to recognise stress and stay absolutely clear of it…and other bits and pieces.
So, WHATEVER track you are following, I wish you all the strength to continue fighting and to learn what’s the best and right for yourself. We will all see what’s on the other side when at the top and be then much wiser beings.
Have a really good New Year beginning 😊😊😊 and be strong!!

1 year ago

Lovely inspiring and hear warming comments, thank you so much for the positivity and support! I wish you all a healthy and happy new year.

I have lots planned with my work, but I also just said to my hubby my aim is to get through the year with out a relapse – I have been relapse free for 3 years! So bring on 2018!!

Much love and well wishes to you all x

@holylb10 Regarding flaxseed oil, my wife also hates the taste. We make smoothies with lots of greens every day and blend in the flaxseed oil and flaxseed and it actually adds some body to the smoothie and we cant taste it. Its important to get it cold pressed and fresh otherwise it can be rancid which taste really bad.

1 year ago

@hollylb10 @californiadreamin nice informations here will give this flaxseed oil a try and also tumeric tea I’ve never of these before X

1 year ago

couple weeks back, my vision became rather blurry. I decided to blend a few anti-inflammatory ingredients – 1/2 incluch of fresh turmeric, 1/4 ginger, gel from an aloe vera leaf, half cup of OJ and water (temper flavor!)

Within 2-3 minutes of drinking…vision completely restored

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