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numb tongue

Hi all
I know my normal numb parts but I have half a numb tongue, has anyone else had this?
it’s like I have been to the dentist, so just feels very strange
Thanks All

Any way Good Morning 🙂

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8 months ago

And, good morning (or afternoon now) to you too, @shona12 .

Numbness can affect any part of our body, some places more infuriating than others, trust me.

This latest development could be down to this incessant heat, but keep an eye on it. Let your MS Nurse know if it is a new symptom and is still a problem after 48 hours.

8 months ago

Good afternoon @stumbler
Thank you 🙂
yes the UK shouldn’t be this hot for so long!!
I sound very british when I say I want cold and no rain!!
Anyway nearly the weekend 😀

8 months ago

On the note about the “Heat”.
I’ve had RRMS for over 7 years and am doing well on Tysabri.

I’ve been told by other MS suffers that the temperature always affect their mobility warm or cold, not that I’ve noticed until this relentless warm weather.

I’m not complaining btw

8 months ago

The numb yongue is quite common. A lot suffer fro time to time, it usually resolves itself but boy is it apain in the butt until that happens, dribbling Etc.,quite common, you feel like a baby, constantly wiping your face (thank go for baby wipes!) so you are not alone and hopefully it won’t be too long.😍

8 months ago

I’ll get the numbness in my tongue as well and it’s always the right side since that’s the side that’s more effected for me. It’s annoying when it happens. Honestly I think I’ve had numbness in every part of my body by now. I live in Arizona which is the hottest state in the US… it’ll still be awhile until it cools down for me. I hope you’re doing well!

8 months ago

Yup my last relapse showed me how fun this can be. Although it’s only one side of my tongue. Apparently related to where my new active lesion is.
I definitely describe is as someone’s stuck some lidocaine into my tongue or stuck a lidocaine patch onto it. Definitely annoying.

8 months ago


I recently posted as I’m having a relapse and the inside of my mouth and tongue is also numb! It feels like I’ve been to the dentist and I can’t taste my food.

I spoke to my MS nurse about this yesterday; she told me that as it’s a new symptom for me is likely to be a sensory relapse and that a 5 day course of steroids could speed up the recovery.

I was really confused when it happened too but I’m hoping it’s temporary!

8 months ago

@dannibrett , I’d be wary of agreeing to Steroids too quickly. They really need to be saved for a relapse, which is having a serious impact on your quality of life, e.g. impacting your vision or mobility.

Only you can gauge that impact.

The following article will tell you all about Steroids :-

8 months ago

Thanks for the info, I’ll have a look. I think she recommended it as I’ve had double vision/ lack of balance for a few weeks now and am losing weight due to the numb mouth but will definitely bear the risks in mind.

8 months ago

Thank you everyone
I am never to sure if it’s a new symptom or I just never felt it before as other numb bits I noticed more.
The last relapse I had was sensory also.
Thanks everyone
and Good Morning 🙂

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