4 years ago
numb hands…

hope all is well for everyone, having a bad night….. I’m lonely and missing someone my hands are numb! can’t wait to lay down so i can feel my hands in my arms go numb…. kidding! it sucks!

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@smallfry, OK, it’s a bad night, but you’ve had some good nights!
Treat this one as an exception and get back to having good nights from tomorrow.
Tomorrow’s another day and it’ll be better than today…….

Hi @smallfry, yes I have numb or tingling hands quite often, especially when I’m stressed. Easier said than done, but try and relax, be good to yourself, and if all else fails, chocolate is usually the answer!

Numb and paralysed arms at night. It can be fun trying to turn over in bed. You have to launch yourself!

lol launching your self! that’s funny! @ vixR I do have a 5 LBS chocolate. bar I got for christmas !!!! I don’t know what to do with it! I carry it around with me like a blanket!!! lolololol

A year and a half I’ve had mine constantly along with my legs and feet! Always hope I’ll get a day off one day 🙂

yeah it sucks! I noticed at work my hand do a uninvoluntary shaking !

Hi smallfy
Sorry to hear about your set back let’s hope and stay positive that its just temporary and it will pas quickly . I know it’s extremely annoying ! Lets hope it’s going to return to normal soon ! Such a shame after your brill week !
All the best femke xxxxx

thanks! its just I do a lot of solderng at work ! I’m always u!sing. my hands

Go on have a good shout !

5 lbs chocolate! You realise thats 5lb on the lips and 5lb on the hips? Send in to @Gav for weight training exercises, hehe

u make me laugh!!! believe u me I need too! @ I need a cocktail!

It is difficult to do any number of things with that symptom. I suffer from nunbness and tingling hands along with heavy arms. It must make it difficult when it affects your work. For myself a cash counting machine in work helps along with ready chopped garlic ginger chillies etc. When cooking at home. All the little things that make life easier. I would have thought a soldering iron would be quite hard to cope with. I hope you find a solution you must get quite warm too. All my best wishes. X

Numb/tingly hands were what drove me to the doctor in the first place, which led to my diagnosis. They’ve felt tingly nonstop since November of 2011 🙁 along with legs & feet about 75% of the time. But Before I started treatment it was everything from the neck down so I suppose I should count my blessings!

And I wish I had some chocolate right now! Lucky!

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