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Not sure if I have MS

Hi can anyone help, I’ve recently been refered to a neurologist, I am driving my self insane one day I think I have MS the next day I don’t, but it is constantly on my mind. 16 months ago I had what I thought May be seizure, my vision went blurred I had trouble walking and had what felt like bolts of electricity through my body while this was happening I was jerking, I didn’t lose conscious and it only lasted a few mins, I slept the rest of the day and felt confused for a couple of days. I was away from home so when I went to doctor days later my blood presure was high so doctor concentrated on getting that sorted. About 2 months ago I started with pains numbness and tingling in my hands and fingers, numbness in lower part of my legs, heaviness in arms and legs, bluriness in eyes, tightness around my head brain fog and fatigue. Although I have had bouts of depression and fatigue in the past. I know the best thing to do is try not to think about it and wait for appointment and even then I might not get any answers but it’s so hard.

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1 year ago

@george1960 , I can understand your desire to find answers. And your search has brought you here.

Yes, some of your symptoms are present with a diagnosis of MS, but, these symptoms can also present in a range of other conditions, from a simple vitamin deficiency forwards.

The Neurologist will be best placed to try and provide the answers for you. But, they will need to do a physical examination, take blood for a variety of tests, arrange an MRI scan and, possibly a lumber puncture and a Visual Evoked Potentials test.

It can seem like a slow process, but our bodies are a pretty complex bit of kit.

You’re right about not over-thinking this situation. This can only lead to worry and stress. And, these negative emotions produce chemicals in the brain, which can adversely affect your Central Nervous System (CNS).

Whilst it’s easy for me to say, you need to chill out and take your mind of these events. Pamper yourself, read a book, anything to take your mind off things. And, do beware of “Dr. Google”, as they can suggest that you have all manner of threatening conditions.

If your symptoms continue to cause you grief, or new ones occur, then consult your GP. they may be able to speed up your appointment. Or, if it’s financially possible, consider a private appointment, to speed up the diagnostic process, then revert back to the NHS lists.

I hope this helps in a small way.

1 year ago

Thank you of your reply and advice, it has helped.

1 year ago

Hello George,
Afraid I don’t have any advice for you, but totally stand with you in solidarity. I’m struggling with my dx of Probable MS. Try not to worry-that’s one thing I’ve noticed making my symptoms more intense. I hope you get the answers you need soon.


1 year ago

I know how you’re feeling!!! I’m in the same boat…. had a seizure last August and after the MRI I was told that the mylene has been stripped so MS was an option (next neurologist appointment on Saturday so might finally have an answer) The only advice I can give is what’s been given to me on this site and the great members!!! If it is MS then things change but it will not define who you are!! I know I’m going to have good days as well as bad, but I will take it as it comes. Just remember you are not alone! There is lots of good advice out there and don’t go scaring yourself with google diagnosis. Use this forum…it’s the best I’ve found.


1 year ago

Hello and welcome to the site. One of the weirdest things about MS is that stress can switch it on like a tap. Equally, once you’re on treatment and under a neuro team, those same symptoms can disappear. It really is a question of the body adjusting and you feeling confident that someone is on your case and that you’re being looked after. And if you read enough posts here, you’ll see that a HUGE number of people report that the wait for diagnosis is the worst time ever. The way you’re feeling at the moment you may not believe me that things will change for the better, but an awful lot of people on shift report exactly that. So, I hope you can take on board @stumbler‘s advice: he’s spot on. xx Kay

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