katfight 08/01/15
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Not sleeping

For the past 4 nights I’m living on 3-4 hours sleep each night.. i was still trying to sleep at 3:30 this morning and it’s now 8am.. i have work now.. my body is aching and tingling all over mainly back since I woke up 10 mins ago, my eye is sleepy. I am worrying that goin to work is not the right decision but I can’t not go 🙁 Im gonna run outta steam lol..

Hope you all have a good day x

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3 years ago

I wake up every night at 3.30 am go back to sleep 4.30 am every night for 6 months now. Wake up 6 am, I take 1/4 sleeping tablet only when I’m really tired. Thank god to my magnesium no more cramps.
Hey what can I say poo happens I think we have a lot on our minds.

3 years ago

3 years ago

@anawith1n think ur right to much on our minds 🙁 thanks for tge cramp tip to i will give that ago 🙂

@stumbler the link is not working x

3 years ago

@katfight , try this one :-


Then take the “You CAN!” option on the left. And then the “Get the Sleep You Need!” option on the left. 😉

3 years ago

Thanks @stumbler good link.. useful information… I liked the bit about only use your bedroom for SLEEPING and SEX .. of which I’m getting neither but I do wonder where are we supposed to put laundry HQ as I call it and the Christmas decs that haven’t quite made it in to the box that goes in the loft and any other toot that I don’t want cluttering the house always ends up in my room until it can find a home somewhere… :-/ But good advice never the less 🙂

3 years ago

@northernlass , as in so many things, there is always a gaping chasm between theory and practice! lol 😆

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