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Non specific result

Hi there all

My MRI result is in

Non specific subcortical hyperintensities the scans have been reviewed in a neuroradiology MDT meeting with my neuro and the consensus is “no significant changes” and they hope I am reassured by this.

Okay so what does all that mean? I have asked for a call back from my neurologist to explain what this means going forward.

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9 months ago

@wonders , this is a mystery to me too.

To say that something has “no significant changes” suggests that a comparison has taken place. But this is your first MRI, so an explanation is a reasonable request…….

9 months ago

If you had not had an MRI prior to this one then, yes it is difficult to see what they are comparing it to.

Make sure you bring it up at the next appointment to find out more information.

9 months ago

Non specific can mean, the lesions have no specific association, meaning you may have lesions but they could be from many things e.g. as simple as age, inflammation, etc etc.; there is simply not enough info on MRI coupled with clinical presentation to make a call….

When non symptomatic in my experience at least you will be told “all is well”….

9 months ago

Widespread longstanding lesions for me, probably 20+ years. No relapses/physical impairment. Cognitive? Probably! I’ve fortunately been declared as benign. That means general apathy from “the team”. Many people have lesions their whole lives without even realising (post mortem diagnosis) so dont worry. Taken me a year to be “reassured” but I’m there now. Let us know how you get on. As for “No significant changes” that definitely needs an explanation! Was it an automated answer?!

9 months ago

Hey all
Thank you for taking time to read and answer my post, I appreciate it.
I am still trying to have contact with the neuro for a further explanation to no avail but I will persevere.
I’ll post back when I hear anything back.
I do feel I have residual damage from my “episode” and want answers.

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