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No money = no giving = no problem

@givingtuesday There are other ways we can help. A key one is donating our brains and spinal cords to the MS Tissue Bank.

Only this weekend I heard Dr G DeLucas explaining how his research into MS would not be possble without donors.

It is free and easy to do.

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4 months ago

@dominics absolutely. Support is not just about donations. We know that if it wasn’t for The Energy, a lot of our projects simply wouldn’t get done. Think about MS Reps…

You can meet some of our amazing volunteers here

4 months ago

I’ll sign up to the tissue bank, what a great idea.
But under one strict proviso.
I do not want to be dug up by Baldrick or any of his successors in any shape or form.
But I’m up for the rest.
Keep smiling

4 months ago

I’ve done this for the National Hospital tissue bank and carry their donor card. It’s a pity more people aren’t aware of the need – the hospital info says that healthy brains are also important because they’re needed as controls.

4 months ago

I remember waaaay back being told that I was no longer able to give blood nor donate my organs as I was diagnosed with MS. That was upsetting.

I have few objectives in life. One of them was being at least if not more useful to others after I die. I’ve had to scratch that. The second was to die in debt to the government. With the cost of MS care I stand to outstrip and tax contributions. I’ll call that a win.

At least brain and cord donation is something useful to do with the otherwise useless flesh sack that is my body after I kark it.

The only wrinkle is that if it all gets too much and I toddle (getting wheeled there by my wife and daughter is more likely) off to a Swiss clinic for a dignified and controlled end, then it may not be possible or economically viable to get it returned to the UK in time.

I am banking on an unseen piano falling on my head in the meantime and removing that ethical dilemma from me!

4 months ago

@dominics, my thoughts exactly. Just emailed for my registration form. Thanks for expressing so eloquently.

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