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No diagnosis, need advice

Hi. First of all I’m new to the forum, secondly can I say I’m sorry that we find ourselves on a forum like this but it does seem a great forum! I’ve a couple of things and was hoping if some of you could help me with answers. I’ve had arthritic pain for 8 years now (I’m 35) but this last 18 months or so I’ve had different symptoms:
pains in left side of head, painful/burning on spine, weak/painful left arm and leg, quite a few epsiodes of a painful/tight left calf muscle, lightheads, poor balance(rarely), muscle twitching on face and eyelids and left thigh. I was with neurologist yesterday who has requested a brain and neck mri, I’ve already had a lower back scan which was clear. However he ran physical tests on me and he doesn’t think I have a neuro problem he’s just having the scan to confirm. Have any of you been told through a physical test that it’s unlikely that you have MS but then the MRI shows MS? I’m at the end of my tether with pain and symptoms, I just want to know what is causing it!
Thank you in advance for any help

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3 years ago

Hi @lynda and welcome.

Neurology is a complicated subject, as our bodies are complex pieces of kit. But, we have to trust our Neurologists to perform proper investigations.

Diagnosing MS is a combination of various test results and other factors. Their physical tests will tell them whether your responses are working properly – with MS, the communication between our brain and some nerve endings are impacted.

The MRI will show whether there is any lesions, or plaques, in your brain, which may suggest MS. Although, as we age, we do experience brain lesions anyway.

The other key factor in their deliberations is your clinical history. By that, I mean all the symptoms and strange things that are going on with you and your body.

It’s always worthwhile keeping a symptom diary. Then when you see the Neuro, you can create a short, concise, chronological list of what’s been going on with you, which you can pass over to the Neuro.

There’s not a lot you can do whilst you’re waiting for these investigations, so be kind to yourself. Acknowledge that, at this time, you can’t do anything further so try not to allow yourself to get stressed.

Stress will only make matters worse.

3 years ago

Hi @lynda

@stumbler is right… start a symptom diary. If you do indeed end up with a diagnosis, you will be going to doctors appoints your entire life and you may not remember the symptoms you have now in 10 years.

Your symptoms do sound a lot like something that could be attributed to MS. I’ve had some similar things at my lesions are mostly in my thoracic and cervical spine and brain. Lumbar spine is almost clear. So getting an MRI of one area may not tell you much. I’d push to have out of all four regions of the nervous system. You have to find a neuro that you trust, otherwise you’ll have a bad time. If you are already doubting this doctor, find a new one! Also, you have to make sure your doctor is skilled and educated regarding diagnosing and treating MS. Just because he’s a neuro doesn’t mean he should treat this. If you can find an MS specialty, you should try to get into see them. There are thousands for neurological diseases so not all neurologists are used to treating every single one.

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