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Night Sweats

Hi I’m 37 and I have been suffering with night sweats – 2 to 3 times a week where my pjs are soaking wet and sometimes the sheets too.
The room temp is not hot and sometimes it’s quite cold yet i still sweat. I ensure I’m wearing loose clothing too. I’ve had hormone tests to see if it’s related to early menopause – that’s been ruled out.
I have asked my neurologist in the past whether night sweats are related to MS and she has advised me that they aren’t.
I just wanted to know if anyone else was suffering with this?!

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4 months ago

I thought night sweats were widely recognised as a symptom. Didn’t realise how bad they were until I changed the sheets. Yuk is all I’ll say

4 months ago

@n1t1 , whilst night sweats aren’t a direct symptom of MS, MS can interfere with the body’s “thermostat”. This makes it difficult for the brain to regulate matters in the usual way if it’s not getting the correct information from the nerve endings…….

4 months ago

@n1t1 I roast in bed. My wife not so. I sleep with the window open regardless of the temp, SWMBO has a leccy blanket and toasty PJ’s. My feet always feel on fire but are cool to the touch.

It’s been like this for last 6y. All part of the fun I suppose 🙁



@n1t1 I often wake up and it’s like somebody has thrown a bucket of water over me!! Saw my neurologist last week and he said that night sweats are not a symptom of MS. Like @stumbler said however our thermostat regulation is all out of sorts with MS……….also medication maybe to blame?!

4 months ago

Thanks all for your comments. I guess it;s just another symptom to deal with 🙂
I’m not on any medication so who knows.
They just seem to be getting worse over the past few weeks. Ah well.

4 months ago

I get them periodically but also changed my contraceptive just in case. They have been the worst during pseudo relapses. Track them and what you have been eating/drinking/doing etc and see if there are hidden patterns


4 months ago

I get night sweats occassionally (like once a month). Same thing with me, I hate being too hot when I sleep so its often a loose t-shirt and short for me no matter the weather. Once in awhile, I wake up drenched (should note that I’m not a sweaty person either). Just one of those odd ball symptoms I guess haha

4 months ago

I do occasionally get night sweats but have noticed them more over the last few weeks which I thought was odd as it’s been quite cold. I sweat a lot, in summer it just doesn’t stop 24/7 but it’s not just heat with me, anxiety sets it off (really embarrassing when I have to provide training for work and a room of people are staring at you whilst rivers run down your face!) so I thought maybe I’d just been having some anxious dreams

4 months ago

@n1t1 I agree with @zoeb, try to find a pattern in what you ate or did recently, this is the fun part, take it more as if you’re discovering what this body needs and wants to give you a good sleep, in my case .. a glass of milk with chocolate calms everything down and I would jump to bed under the sheet, not saying you should do that, but you should give respect to get it back .. so respect you’re body 🙂

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