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Newly Diagnosed Tips

Hello everyone
Being newly diagnosed has been horrible but I’ve come up with a mantra (with the help of Jack Osbourne) that I thought I would pass on to try and help others in the same position come to terms with this change…
Accept…This is the hardest one of all but the truth is this isn’t going to go away…and it could be a much worse diagnosis…times have changed with treatments and MS isn’t what it once was..
Adapt….Little changes that no one would notice…allowing a little bit of extra time to do things so you’re not rushing..leaning against the wall in the shower whilst washing your hair…holding on to someone’s arm when walking on uneven ground…just to start with whilst you lean to get stronger…and finally
Overcome….The result of the above

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1 year ago

Hello @joanne46, yes those are very sound principles to process a diagnosis like ours. I also found it useful to take time making decisions rather than try and rush things through. Oh, and not to push yourself to prove that you can still do things. It’s kinda a mis-use of time and energy. I can’t see from your profile when you were diagnosed, but great to have such a positive attitude, it’s a winning tool! 🙂

1 year ago

Hi @vixen
I was diagnosed in September started lemtrada in November so although I’m glad I hit it straight on it is a lot to take on board so fast! And unfortunately I have struggled accepting that some things are a little more difficult now…so really trying to accept and adapt! The lemtrada has proven to be a beast in term of recovery….but I’m confident long term it’s the right thing to do xx how are you? What treatment are you on?

1 year ago

I’m doing OK thanks. Diagnosed last Jan and have been on Tecfidera which seems to be OK. I’m in a bit of a dip at the moment, after a throat infections and sickness bug so paying the price for it! Longer term I am keeping an eye on all the medications and research sprtinging forth, so feeling quite positive, all things considered. I’m working full time but considering reducing just so that I have more quality time, ie, to watch trash TV and do nothing! X

1 year ago

@joanne46, here’s the one that resonates with me, which has similarities with yours:-

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference”

1 year ago

Well said! Positive as ever 😄

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