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Newly diagnosed and work stress

I was recently diagnosed with MS in September after having optic neuritis last November.

I had just started a new job but then I was having to ask for time off for appointments, I decided to have a work with my manager, to let her know that I was being tested. She went straight to tell my supervisor, who acted like I was on deaths door. Everything became out managing my physical wellbeing. And the was before I was even diagnosed, I started to feel sorry for her as she seem quite shocked about it.

Recently things have gone really worse when they start telling me I was unable to make the time back, taken for appointments, despite this being an option in my companies polices. I was told I would have to use my annual leave. This was all stated to manage my physical wellbeing, this was not discussed with me.

As I knew I only had a few days annual leave left and I was advised by the MS nurse to seek physio for dizziness. The recovery from the optic neuritis was poor and result in periodic painful ness in the affected eye, so I was to see my G.P regularly to monitor pain medication, although I tried but it was not always possible to get appointment after work. I was also experiencing nerve pain.

When I spoke attempted to raise this with my manager she got very defensive and ask me to provide her with the appointment policies and procedures for my G.P, physio and any appointments I wish to attend.

I have had to take time off sick as the stress was triggering my symptoms, as well as not feeling able to request time off for appointments. I am dreading returning, I feel so unsupported

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3 years ago

Hi @becks32uk , I was sorry to read your tale. Especially, the boss who ran off to tell your supervisor.

It really is a case of working together with your employer, as you are afforded legal protection under the Equalities Act 2010. There’a free booklet that covers some of the work issues here:- or you can read it online.

Also, are you a member of a Union. They should be able to provide advice and assistance.

Otherwise, explain the work situation to your MS Nurse and see what they can do to help you out. They just deal with MS patients so should be aware of these kind of difficulties with work.

Also, consider reviewing your pain medication with your Doctor with telephone consultations. That may make it easier for you. Your MS nurse may even be able to take up that role and liaise with your GP for you.

Worry and stress are things to avoid with MS as these emotions can antagonise the condition. So, it’s important to to find a resolution at work to relieve that pressure from you.

Good luck

3 years ago

No answers but just wanted to say how sorry I am that your employers are effectively making your condition worse. You have done all the right things and behaved as a responsible employee. Hopefully, if you can act on @stumbler‘s advice, things will improve. Big hugs through cyberspace. xx Kay

3 years ago

Thanks, I will definitely speak to the Nurse at my next appointment in January. I have been trying to contact my Union rep, but without success, I think it’s because possibly places are shutting for Christmas and new year.

I just really don’t think I can work with them, the way I was even treated by my manager, as a result of going to speak with her manager, for clarification of a few things. It was dreadful, I could barely work. She tried to intimidate me, even suggesting I should leave. It started to feel like bullying.

Even the thought of going back, is to much.

Thanks for the advice you have made some great suggestions.

@ Kay, thanks for the cyber hug, much appreciated.

3 years ago

@becks32uk , have you been with the company for long? And, do you fancy a new job?

The reason I ask, is that your treatment may be considered as grounds for “constructive dismissal”. Which means that your employers have created a situation where it’s untenable for you to return to work!

You may be able to sue them for unfair dismissal!

These people may be able to offer some advice on that score:-

But, having said that, going down this road could be highly stressful. And stress and MS do not mix well.

So, don’t be bullied. The law is on your side. 😉

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