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Newly diagnosed

A few years ago I had blurriness in my left eye (optic neuritis). I took steroids, it got better and I didn’t think much of it. Just last month both my legs went completely numb with no sensory input. I ended up getting an MRI and they found inflammation in the cervical portion of my spinal chord. And due to other evidences the doctor said without any hesitation that i have MS. I am still in a state of shock and confusion because I am in my twenties and was in the process of getting my life on track. I am terrified of my condition becoming progressively worse as I get older. In fact the unpredictable and incurable nature of this disease is absolutely terrifying.

PS: I am a male and of south asian origin and was under the impression it was unlikely for me to get MS. As such there is a bit of denial about the diagnosis amongst my family.

Anyways that is my situation, not sure if there is anyone else in a similar situation. Hoping for some advice.


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1 year ago

I am sorry for your diagnoses but you have come to the right place. We will try to answer any questions you might have. You are young and can treat this disease aggressively with a DMT like Lematrada , there are several available. There are quite a few MSer’s on the forum that are in their 20’s, they will be able to help you the most. Don’t believe everything Dr Google says, research legitimate sites. Denice

1 year ago

Hi @donjunior and welcome, I’m glad you found us.

First off, that’s enough Googling. Dr. Google can find all manner of horror stories, which are just not appropriate. To find information, stick with creditable websites, e.g. Ms Society, MS Trust, etc..

Secondly, MS has an awful reputation, which is because no-one talks about it – unless they’ve got it. Yes, it’s incurable and yes, it’s progressive. BUT, it’s now a manageable condition, it’s not going to kill you and it’s not an express one-way ticket to a wheelchair.

Medical Science has moved on in leaps and bounds these last few years. It’s never a good time to get this diagnosis. But, if you’re going to get it, now is preferable. 😕

There’s some good information on this website, especially under the “Newly Diagnosed” tab. This is a good starting point for you and your family:-

Otherwise, sit down and breath. Take your time with this. Adopt a healthy, balanced diet and a balanced lifestyle. And, banish stress from your life. Stress is one of the causes of MS progression.

So, any questions? We’re always here………..

1 year ago

Hello there, welcome. What a big shock for you. I do believe it’s not so common in South Asian folk. You are in good company here, just recently there have been lots of posts from people your age.

I was diagnosed a year ago. My advice to you would be; do what ever it takes to get you through this ‘introductory’ period. You need lots of time to absorb, acknowledge and process the news. In my case, it was nightly chocolate gorging and trash TV! Others try yoga, writing, increasing exercise. Stumbler is right, stress needs to be minimised on every level. Also, don’t push yourself just to prove you can still do things, it’s a waste of mental and physical energy. You will be OK, it’s just that life is not going quite as expected. There is more research and breakthrough treatments now than ever before. Stay strong and keep posting on here when you need to x

1 year ago

Ok thanks guys. Also feel free to friend request me, would love to get to know more MS people.

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