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Newbie..lucky me!

I don’t think I can handle this! I got diagnosed in September!I get frustrated at myself sooo much it’s ridiculous! I’m doing my masters and no wonder had so much hell doing my degree don’t know why I took on this! My brain just doesn’t absorb info I can’t seem to motivate myelf to do the work so it’s a strain and struggle to get it done.Ive been told to tell my lecturer but what can they do its not like they can do it for me?
I seem overly sensitive and can’t explain why it’s horrible is this part of the ms or just me not dealing?
I don’t want drugs but I get so much pain in my back and doing simple things can be so difficult….more frustration!
I can’t tell anyone I have told my boss and HR but they are sworn to secrecy.
How did you deal with it when u first found out any tips?

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5 months ago

Hi @riam
Welcome to the club that no one wants to be in, but here we are.
So please feel free to ask anything you like.
Someone will have an answer for you or at worse make you laugh.
As with your degree there are quite a few people in that environment on here so when they wake up I’m sure they’ll be able to give you a few pointers.
This is going to sound daft but try not to stress honestly it really makes things worse.
I know what it feels like to kinda loose the plot.
Your head’s all over the place, you say you don’t want meds which is your choice, but they can make the pain more bearable.
It does get more manageable once you learn how to manage it. It does get easier.
All the best.
Keep smiling.

Hi @riam,
I totally understand what you are feeling. You are probably at your most stressful stage in you life and suddenly you feel like your learning disabled. I call it late onset retardation. Probably not P.C but that’s just me. You are going to have to find new ways to remember your material. Sticky notes etc. but the more upset and stressed you get the less you will remember.
Can I ask what you are getting your masters in, and how close are you to completion? Be gentle on yourself taking care of yourself is most important. ☮️ Julie

5 months ago

Hi @riam, this has been a massive shock for you. I was diagnosed nearly two years ago. Although I processed it quite well and was OK coming to terms with it, I can now see that it took me probably a year after diagnosis to recover. Not so much physically, but emotionally and mentally too. My emotions now are more extreme, whether laughing or feeling sad. It took that year to understand the limits of my own body. I have become a stickler for ruling my life through routine. My diet has changed drastically. I have a job in school management which can be challenging. But once home, I do nothing but watch trash TV to rest my brain and totally relax. I have had to learn to eradicate all potential spots for stress, whether that is situations, or people. Stress and anxiety have a greater impact on us and I had never experienced this until diagnosed. I do take a DMT and have to hope that it’s doing its job. You will be OK, there is a lot of support here for you if and when you need it x

5 months ago

Welcome to our exclusive little club 🙂

I was diagnosed in June so fairly recently diagnosed too. Some days I feel like I can’t absorb information either or get things clear in my head. It can be difficult but the more I think it is affecting me the more it is. I am trying to put it to the back of my mind but it is hard.


5 months ago

Hi @riam and welcome.

You’re presently dealing with a shock to your system, which is taking you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It’s going to take up to 12 months or more to effectively process this diagnosis.

Universities are usually very good at helping you complete your studies, by extending deadlines, allowing recording of lectures, etc. So, keep talking to them to get the maximum assistance.

Otherwise, you do need to pace yourself. You may find that you’re more alert in the morning. Then have a rest/powernap before you tackle the afternoon. We do have to work within our capabilities

5 months ago

Hello @riam. I’m sorry we have to welcome you into this club, but we are happy you’re here! Diagnosis takes some time to get used to. For me, it took research and really seeing that nothing I could do right then, would change things. I recently have taken classes. It was very hard and so exhausting, so I understand where you are. To make it work I had to start early in the day, with nothing scheduled before studies. Sometimes I couldn’t do much after either, but as long as you know that you can plan. Do what you can, give yourself time, and realize it is what it is. Best of luck to you! 😊😊

5 months ago

Hi @riam take a step back just now and give yourself time to take in the diagnosis I definitely recommend letting the university and lecturer know about the diagnosis as they will give you lots of support which will lower your stress levels
You can definitely still continue with your studies I have been studying recently I’ve found that setting reminders on my phone, writing notes of the things I wasn’t sure of and highlighted areas of study going over it at a slower pace made the process easier don’t be hard on yourself it’s a lot to take in at the start. Once you start to recover you will feel more positive about your study Good luck, take your time on decisions X

5 months ago

Highlander its weired I’ve never like things like this being in a club never been my thing.I only came on here coz I was MS curious and then realised there’s a reason y I’m on here real people real situation real shit! I like to b different but not special.Sorry don’t mean to offend but I do feel like I’m under the special needs umbrella 🌂

Lighting87 u and me both sista.It’s not so much that it happens its more the way I feel when it happens and like u say its the thinking about it that makes me feel I’m evoking it or something!

Vixen fair play to u that’s a tough one.That’s taking being 💪 anotha level! Still we must stop rubbing right?!

Julie I’m doing my masters in public and environmental health but bad move im thinking.At least I can explain why last year became so difficult did dissertation last year…long story but just about hung myself.People said it was normal what I was going through they nor I knew was NOT normal. Sweet words be kind to yourself people have said that to me all my don’t b so hard on yourself Oh I’m in for a hellava a ride now lol😁

Stumbled why? it seems a year is the magic number! So it sounds like I’m gong to have to tell the Uni or battle my way through it again!

Marajade I’m sorry there’s so many beautiful people been engulfed by this shadow but wow you are all so helpful and open and willing to share.Thanks Ive always been been better in the morning’s anyway no power naps for me no way not until I actually fall asleep.😊
Nic1 looks like time is all I got at mo but how much who knows.Anyways gonna keep exercising and practicing Iyengar yoga only thing that keeps me sane anyway .
Wowzer u lot rock! Thank you and big hugs to your courage honesty and fight .
Next time I have melt down I’ll think of you and your supportive kind words and say’ ya not alone Ria get up and get on with it’ Namaste ❤

5 months ago

@riam , we all strive to reach acceptance of our diagnosis. It’s like dealing with a grieving process for our old self.

We have to identify what our strengths and weaknesses are now, and plan accordingly.

5 months ago

Yoga and wine that’s my plan lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

5 months ago

Hello @riam and welcome aboard.

You’ve got a lot of learning about MS to do and you don’t find it as easy (!) as you used to. It might make sense to ask the uni if you can take an extra year over your masters – that would take a lot of the stress away. Only you know how much you can do, but I’m afraid the MS will make everything harder. Be realistic with yourself and you’ll be fine. It might take a bit longer, but you can do this. 🙂

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