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As the title says, newbie to both ms and! I got diagnosed almost a month ago now. I was diagnosed in the middle of a pretty sucky relapse (loss of bowel/bladder function, mobility, vision, balance! The works!) and I felt like that was it. I was devastated, but I’ve since had a course of steroids, which have significantly improved my symptoms and given me 90% of the old me back. After that initial feeling of sadness/anger/frustration I now can honestly say I feel brilliant! I can’t help but feel positive, mainly as I now know I wasn’t cracking up!! My friends and family have been incredible but support I’ve got from fellow MSers has been nothing short of mind blowing!!! This website is brilliant and so inspiring to newbies like me!! I want to help join in the positive vibe!!! It’s not the end of the world having this “disease” (I’m not sure I even like that word!!) it just means I’ve got to change a few little things here and there, and it’s stopped me worrying about the trivial things!!!

So yeah, just thought I’d say hi and sprinkle a little bit of positivity and sunshine in what has to be the most miserable weather I can remember!!!

Keep smilin people!!

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6 years ago

Hey Ophelia …. good to see you’re smiling about it all. Plenty of support/help on here if you feel you need to let something out from what I’ve seen there is pretty much no holds barred haha.

All the best.


6 years ago

Welcome, Ophelia!!!
There’ll be loads of swings and roundabouts for you over the coming months, but it’s great that you have so much support.

6 years ago

Hello Ophelia,

It was very refreshing to read your post. It’s hard to remember to stay positive at the start of this MS journey. My head is all over the place but I hope on my bad days i can take a leaf out you book. 🙂

6 years ago

Welcome to the Site Ophelia!!

Its lovely to hear positive words from a fellow MS sufferer. There is so much positivity oozing from this site you can’t help but soak a bit of it up yourself!


6 years ago

I feel the same way, and people always doubt my sincerity! But really, either take it as full suck or tell MS to suck it.

6 years ago

Love it jnut!!!!! It can most definitely kiss my… get the picture haha!! Thanks everyone for you’re messages!!!! Loving! It’s keeping me sane while I’m still off work (hopefully going back after a couple of weeks!!! Hurrrraaayyyyy!!!!!!

6 years ago

Hi, another newbie here so a big hello! MS sure sucks but hey, you’ve gotta keep smiling haven’t you – we could all get hit by a bus tomorrow afterall lol.

Lovely to meet people in a similar situation and know that you’re not alone 🙂

6 years ago

Hi Ophelia, s’been said many times up above but one more won’t hurt – hi! and thanks for a very positive post. It’s all too easy to get mired in the cacka with the MouseSh*t but hey, yeah, life does go on & we all have so much living left to do 🙂

Keep on doing what you do, and I hope the msssssss gives you a break for as long as poss!

6 years ago

Hi Ophelia,
Im new to MS and to this site. I have found everybody so helpful and it has allowed me to think about the condition without losing my head….
Good luck and stay positive…

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