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Hey new here to this site it looks amazing! Hoping that even though I’m over here in the USA (please don’t count that against me ha) I will connect with some awesome people who understand and not just say they understand! I’ve had this Monster for 12 years now and on my way to start secondary progressive part! I’m a Nurse by training but not gainfully employed because of this monster! I don’t take it lightly though and continue to teach fitness classes although recently have had to stop teaching so much! I love to teach Cardio Dance Fitness but right now my legs kind of do what they want to not what I want them to! But I tell my class just move it there is no right or wrong way to dance just HAVE FUN! Great to be here where people will be more understanding than even my family! Take care and let the music move you!

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3 months ago

Hi @saftah1 and welcome. I do let the music move me, although that’s in a seated fashion now. My balance doesn’t allow it otherwise, well, not safely! 😊

Transitioning to Secondary Progressive (SPMS) doesn’t imply a steep slide, so keep on doing what you’re doing and stay healthy.

3 months ago

Hi @saftah1 and welcome to our exclusive club! I’m a 62 old codger, have had the beast for 26 years, still here, still fighting, I used to do a lot of ‘moving’ in the swimming pool, but our wonderful government took my transport away but that’s another story, but I will be back🥊 We’re very good at answering questions, and with ms there’s no such thing as a silly one. We welcome all, pink with blue spots, yellow, white, black, any country, any age, we don’t differentiate, we all have one thing in common, we are all battling an insidious disease and everything helps, even nattering to a friend we’ve never met from across the pond.👍😍

3 months ago


Nothing against the United States – but Chicago??? Isn’t that Mob Central starting with Al Capone?

“my legs kind of do what they want to” describes me perfect. If I don’t look at where my feet are – your guess is as good as mine… 😉

With your physical fitness background, have you considered teaching Aqua Fit? Seriously! With your Nursing & physical fitness background – you would be perfect teaching seniors in the water.

Just my thoughts…

3 months ago

You guys are great thanks for responding! After a night of no sleep I have to go teach my Heart Strong class this morning. It’s a cardiac rehab class slow and steady! I think I’m either getting the flu or a cold I feel like crap but then I say it’s only for one hour you can do it! I sub aqua classes once in a while, the problem with the aqua classes is that I can’t go into the pool to teach and Because it’s indoors the air is so hot. I come out and look and feel like a fried tomato looks like I’m actually sunburned I’m so red! So I take a couple of classes teach a class and just say one day at a time! No time anymore thinking about what I used to do and think about all I can do still!

3 months ago

Hi @saftah1, I’m from Chicago, too, but now happily living in Jerusalem, Israel. My motto is just keep smiling and keep moving as best I can. Welcome.

3 months ago

Welcome to the forum, I live in Wichita, KS and have visited Chicago in the past. Chicago is hard to figure out where it starts and stops. This is a good place to rant and rave or pass on any helpful tips you might have. Potter

3 months ago

Hello @saftah1, welcome to Shift. There are a fair few from Canada and the US on here, you can use the map feature to see how many are in your neck of the woods. You sound lovely and vibrant and are obviously taking care of yourself. Well, I watch Dance Moms, does that count? I hope you enjoy using Shift x

3 months ago

Greetings from Saudi Arabia
I’ve had MS since 2004
You seem likeca cheerful lady who got a sudden attack by the monster like we did
I hope ppms never hits you any soon
Stay strong 👍🏻

3 months ago

Welcome to Shift glad to see another new face around here. I pop in and out quite a lot but this is the best place to ask questions.

We are all here to help one another through this, I have had MS for 11-12 years now (I have lost count). All the best


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