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Hi, I have recently been told by my doctor that I may have MS after having an MRI. At 19 years old this is a very scary time for me! It all started with severe headaches for 3 weeks constantly With blurred vision and shooting pains on the right hand side of my head and behind the right eye, once my doctors have said this I have been referred to a neurologist, but recently I have pins and needles everyday in my shoulder and it makes my arms very week was just wondering if anyone else has had this in their shoulders before? Thank you

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9 months ago

Hi @beckie and welcome. I’m glad you found this site, although I’m sorry that you had a reason to do so.

A GP isn’t exactly qualified to make that kind of diagnostic judgement. That is the province of the Neurologist, who has to eliminate various other conditions, which present the same symptoms.

MS, if it is MS, can cause a myriad of different symptoms. As can other conditions.

Now, Neurologists are an over-utilised resource, so your referral may be a few months in the future. You may want to consider a private consultation, to expedite matters, although this is subject to your personal financial situation allowing this. You can then switch back to the NHS list after you have a diagnosis.

If it should be MS, then this is now a manageable condition. MS Treatments have advanced to such an extent over the last few years, that MS can now be seen as a minor inconvenience.

So, stop Googling and try and chill out. Stressing can cause its own set of problems. Just relax and ride the storm out.

9 months ago

Hello @beckie, sorry you are going through all of this. There are other reasons for experiencing the symptoms you describe and of course, MS could be one of them, so have you actually had an MRI and are now waiting to see a neurologist? The main thing is that you are now in the system and so you have done everything you can. You need to focus now on taking really good care of yourself and trying to minimise the stress you feel. This is hard, I know. As @stumbler says, try to resist googling. That can lead you to places which give mis-information, or paint unrealistic pictures of diseases and illnesses. If it is MS you have, there are others around your age on this site and lots of support and medication around that just wasn’t there twenty years ago. Focus on taking care of yourself, doing nice things find people who you are comfortable talking about your feelings with. All the best, please let us know how things are going for you x

9 months ago

Hi yes I have had an MRI of the brain and they found lesions I think it was and I am due to see the neurologist on the 29th May as I was put under the urgent category

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