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New to MS

Hi everyone there very new to this disease sometimes feeling scary and sometimes hopeful as my 17 year daughter diagnosed just few weeks back with MS she started with left eye optic neuritis and then pins and needles in her legs she came back normal now without medications but in 2 weeks going to take her in MS clinic to know more about her want to know if applying healthy life style, excercise,changing food habits will work for her or have to go for infusions whats that …i even dont know anything about treatments just keeping faith and praying she leads a healthy life please suggest me how to help her

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1 year ago

Hi Cutegirl, welcome and don’t worry, you will pass it on to your daughter and the last thing she needs at the moment is more stress, it’s not good for MS! Wait until you see the MS nurse. Don’t jump the gun, we’re all here for you and her, there is no such thing as a silly question, make a list of the things you want to ask her. Good luck😍 JillXx

1 year ago

Hello there, what a horrible time for you. There have been lots of posts over the last year from people of a similar age. The 21st century has seen so many advances in MS science, so the future is looking more hopeful with each passing year. If I can advise, it would be for you both to take the time to process this diagnosis. Don’t try to jump ahead of things, it’s all so new at the moment. It took me around a year to get used to everything. Is your daughter at school?

Keep posting whenever, as the Mum of a teenager, you need lots of upport here and everyone will be there for you on Shift x

1 year ago

Thanks for the kind words yes my daughter is in high school even when she had started with all this in october 2017 she continued with her
Routines i am trying to change her eating habits and taking her away from stress we are very new in canada so have to be in conversations with her trying to keep myself calm but sometimes tears do break me she is very ambitious becoming a medicine student is her dream since childhood i hope this MS will not come on her way as she has struggled a lot to come to achieve her way.

1 year ago

First off can I just say how much I respect the fact that you’ve joined the website for wanting to learn more about MS and the treatments available for MS for your daughter because I know how hard this can be. Now you and your daughter have started a journey, one which can’t and shouldn’t be completed alone but when it comes to MS each journey is different and it’ll be up to you your daughter and her Neurologist about what road to take. Keeping a healthy lifestyle is important but also definitely look at the treatment options out there because MS has come a long way and we’re so lucky to have the amount of treatment options available to us.
I went on Lemtrada which is one of the more powerful treatments availble and its a process where you’re infused with it for about 4 hours each day for 5 days then the same thing happens a year later but only for 3 days. However with this treatment does come with some risky potentional side effects like thyroid issues so I have to get a blood test done once a month for the next 5 years just to keep check. Now ever since I went on Lemtrada I haven’t relapsed and so far all my blood work has come back fine and with some of my symptoms I have felt massive improvements and I’m honestly looking forward to the future these days.
This was my road and I’m glad I’ve taken it but whatever journey she decides to take I’m sure will be the right one but the road is long, I’ve been diagnosed for over a year and feel like I’m just getting started.

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