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New to all this :s So many questions!

So I just got recently diagnosed with ms and all this kinda happened so fast that I guess I didn’t ask all the questions I should have. The way it happened for me was that one day I was with my best friend driving her to her dads house for his birthday and I noticed that I was becoming numb on my entire left side. I didn’t want to make a scene so I didn’t say anything until I got home(6hours later) then for the next couple days I kept going back and forth to the hospital they just told me they can’t do anything. A couple days later I couldn’t move my toes on the left side and the day after that I couldn’t move my entire foot. 3 weeks of being hospitalized and 1 week of being on cortisone(or cortisole) not too sure and then started to have movement in my foot. Fast track to almost a year later I am taking copaxone.
Now that I rambled on I’m ready to ask my questions…. ?
So im not sure what they are but I have a lump on each of my legs on my calves (below the knees) and they just keep getting bigger.. is this related to the meds or the MS?

Also I wanted to know how old were any of you guys when you had your first episode? Is it normal I had mine at 20?

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1 year ago

Hi @nikkikoza and welcome.

Copaxone is renowned for causing injection site reactions, but, I’m not sure if this would explain the lumps on your calves. It’s best to get your family Doctor to look at them.

We have MS and we can make a mistake of blaming everything on MS and the meds. We should always seek a medical opinion.

On your second question, I had my first episode at 29. Although, I had suffered migraines for the previous 15 years, which suddenly stopped…….

1 year ago

Thank you, @stumbler.
Im in the process of trying to get an appointment with my neuro (because I don’t have a family doctor yet) for the lumps on my calves. I generally get small bumps and lots of ichyness on injection sites. But these lumps are way bigger and harder.

And omg thank you! You have me an AHAA moment! I have been getting major migraines where I couldn’t even move and had to go to the hospital since I was small. I even told my neuro that and no one told me it was related to MS.

1 year ago

@nikkikoza , my migraines stopped and my MS started. I can see a connection, but I’m not sure whether the connection has been acknowledged in the medical world………

1 year ago

20s? I had my opening episode when I was 14. How’s that for abnormal? ‘:D

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