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3 years ago

Hi, I started Tecfidera in January. I read some reviews on it and what to expect. My doctor started me on a low dose to get my body use to it and to reduce the side effects.
120 mg once a day for two weeks, then 120mg 2x day for two weeks, then the full dose 240mg 2x day.
I had flushing (heat and itchiness) around my neck and arms and stomach issues for the first week or two. Some things you can do to help with the the side effects. I take a low dose aspirin and zyrtec (antihistamine) about 20 minutes before I take the medication in the morning. My doctor suggested the low dose aspirin. I read about the antihistamine, but I take that daily anyways for my seasonal allergies. I also take the medication with Almond butter. I read taking it with a healthy fat (peanut butter, avocado) helps the stomach, because it slows the rate of absorption.
I hope all of this helps.

3 years ago

Hi, I started taking Tecfidera in June of 2013 and I love it! Thankfully for me I didn’t have any side effects, maybe a little flushing but no big deal compared to the side effects of betaseron, what I used to take, I’ll take the flushing any day of the week. It really has been like a miracle drug for me ever since I started taking it I haven’t had any relapses and I have felt great! I was diagnosed in 2007 and I used to take betaseron but the side effects were too much for me, at 27 it was really depressing. Then I changed to copaxone and that didn’t work either. Then finally Tecfidera came out which I had no idea what it was but my doctor recommended it. I was hesitant cause it had just come out but my wife and I talked it over and decided to try it and thank god I did. This drug has been a life changer not just for me but for my family plus the side effects are really no big deal.

3 years ago

Hi Charlie, I have just been prescribed tecfidera after a long wait. Just waiting for it to be delivered. Read all about possible side effects. Maybe we can through them together.
PS. Love your dogs

3 years ago

I’ve been offered tecfidera recently, and am currently trying to decide wether its for me or not. I think how new it is scares me a bit, but I’ve been on gilenya for the past two years or so, which was pretty new as well.

I’ve heard a lot of good things about it so hopefully its all true!

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