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new business

Hi all, Do you think its silly of me to try this? I have only told a few folk and a couple of them straightaway said, “but what about your health?”, and I replied, “I may never get any worse, I could be like this til the day I die in my old age!”, , so, don’t you just wonder if things are sent to us for a reason?
I have been presented with the opportunity to run a wee shop, as I do wedding and celebration cakes.Its in a prime position, its owned by family, its all for a good price, and its all I know to do apart from shop work which I doubt I’d ever get employed again. I could be fit and able bodied 100% and fall break my arm and be no good for work….ooh, do I give them a yes or a no???x

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4 years ago

Ooh how exciting! My first instinct is to say go for it, it sounds like a great opportunity! Some of these reactions are genuine concern but there’s no reason why an MS diagnosis should stop you doing this! I guess the only thing I’d add in reservation is make sure you protect yourself, I’d be more worried about your short term health than your long term outcome (as you say, you may well be fine and there’s no way of predicting the future anyway)- will you have people working with you that you can rely on if you need to take time off or ease back a bit? I just have a vision of you all on your own in the shop making beautiful cakes but being really exhausted (and covered in flour for some reason?!- my brain is overtired today!) and it would be horrible for you to wear yourself out and feel like you made the wrong decision for the sake of a second pair of hands? Good luck if you do go for it and happy baking! xx

4 years ago

[email protected] go for it all you can is give a go you could always reduce hours if it gets to much.

Good Luck

Lina x

4 years ago

Yes,yes, yes! I am trying to pluck up the courage to leave a job I don’t like and become a private tutor. Be brave, you can always stop if you have to , but hopefully it will be a roaring success!

4 years ago

I have always gone back to doing cakes, at all stages of my life, lol, so this opportunity has been presented to me and I’d be a fool to turn it down wouldn’t I?
I don’t really ever get tired as such, my legs are just a bit drunk most of the time. Mentally, I feel in alot better place than i did a at the beginning of this MS rollercoaster, (probably with help of anti depressants) but, for me, usually being the shy stay in the background kind of person, I have really figured stuff out, made fone calls, got meetings tomorrow and friday, I am going to do this.This could be a winner!!!!! ooooooh, EXCITED!
So, pm me if you want any info on wedding or birthday cakes, lol.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4 years ago

But why are you even asking? It’s a no-brainer! (Just a thought..) I do a lot of cooking and was bought a rather clever chair for the kitchen. It’s foldable and high enough to enable you to work from a worktop-. Bit like a bar stool except it’s got a back. When my legs tire, out it comes and I can carry on mixing etc. xxxx

4 years ago

Ooo that sounds like a fantastic opportunity @sunnydaylover and if making cakes is your passion why not go for it.. what is there to loose and as @cameron said you could always get a special chair for helping you in the kitchen if you do start to feel tired.. 🙂 I would love a special cake for my 50th I will give you a shout in a few years time.. 😉 Best wishes with your new adventures

4 years ago

I just want someone to come along and manage me, lol. Get scared off of not having the brain power to do the other side of a business,I am hands on, a 6 tier intricate wedding cake is a damn site easier than doing a self assessment, lol.
Thank you everyone. It will be going ahead once council guy comes out and gives me a yeh or a neh.xx

Yes @northernlass, no worries at all, gimme a shout, lol

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