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Neurologist appt.

I am sickened by what happened to me today. This was my first neuro appt. and I left there feeling defeated. He gave me maybe 15 minutes of his time. I never had an exam go so quickly. He didn’t look at my list of symptoms and when he poked my body with the needle he went a little crazy on my belly and left Several scratch marks on one side. I wish I could post a picture so you can see.
No mri was done, I did get blood work. After 15 minutes he sis I have functional movement disorder….so, I went to you tube to see what it is and I am nothing like that. Those poor people are in awful pain, I have very little pain. It’s a horrible disorder and I don’t think one 15 minute doctor visit can diagnose this. I will never see this neuro again. He wanted to know why I get disability !!! Um, excuse me but that is none of your business but if you must know, cancer and I don’t get along very well. I am humiliated and I wish I could post the pic of my belly for you to see. Ugh…just a bad day.

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9 months ago


I am sorry to hear that; I have no idea why Neurologists get paid… No idea who to complain to or what that will accomplish.

Truly hope you come up with a plan.


9 months ago

@edmontonalberta, thank you. I think I am just going to give up on dr’s for now. So stressful.

9 months ago

Don’t give up on Dr’s. Just take a break. You are allowed to take a break!! and then find one you really click with when you are ready. Netflix and chill till you feel it.

9 months ago

[email protected], please don’t give up. have a break and start again, IHave found ms nurses know more than the neuro’s anyway so try and see one, try anything it will be worth it. It’s a long process but don’t give in.

We are always here, have a moan, have a cry, we don’t care, we’ve been through it! 😍😉 Jill

9 months ago

@vees – that’s good advice chill to you feel it… many times I haven’t been feeling it.

Honestly it’s a disgrace
Hope you look after yourself


9 months ago

@jay47 , it seems that your Neuro had either got out of bed the wrong side or he was absent from Medical School when they covered acceptable “bedside manner”!

I just wish I knew more about the American health systems to effectively advise you of a way forward.

Some physical examination was always going to happen so the prodding, poking, pricking and scratching were to be expected. Another MRI would not have been required, IF he had access to your most recent MRI results.

The initial diagnosis of Functional Movement Disorder sounds like another “catch all” diagnosis. This seems to be similar to Clinically Isolated Syndrome (CIS), which is like an interim diagnosis for when they’re not really sure. Dr Google did you no favours with this.

I understand that it may have been painful, but you should have shared details of the cancer situation, as this would have helped him build up your clinical history.

Anyway, how has this been left now? Is there a follow-up appointment for when the blood results are available?

9 months ago

Everyone is right on this one. You mustn’t give up on it, because until you have a diagnosis, you can’t start getting control of your life back. Can you start again by requesting a second opinion? I did this because my first neuro was a complete disaster: his parting words were ‘Go home and wait for things to happen to you’. Seeing somebody different changed everything – I got a proper diagnosis and treatment started shortly after. Could a way forward be to make an appointment with your family doctor to say why you think a second opinion is desirable? Making a list of what went wrong and the info that the neuro took no notice of and taking this with you to a GP would hopefully be enough to start the ball rolling. As has been said, take a couple of days to get over this then act! xx

9 months ago

Wow, thank you for your response everyone. You are very kind.
I was doing pretty well and had a lot of energy. I was having great days, until yesterday… sooo darn tired. I have been sleeping continually. I know I’m depressed but how can I have several good days and then suddenly be exhausted?

9 months ago

Go to the MS Consortium and find a Dr/MS center near you. I am in Dayton, Ohio. Have a fantastic Dr out of Cincinnati. Good luck.

9 months ago

@jay47 , MS is a weird beast. the only predictable thing about MS is its unpredictability!

Fatigue, one of the most irritating symptoms, is something that we try and manage. The Spoons theory will help you understand this a bit more :-

You should also discount the possibility of an infection, e.g. a UTI, making your fatigue worse. You could ask your Doctor to check out this possibility, when you go and talk about anti-depressants…………………

Well, you do need to have this conversation. MS can be a big burden to carry around, so a little help with this is sometimes needed. 😉

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