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Nerve pain…GAHHHH

Hello everyone. Recently, my nerve pain in my legs has become unbearable. I am unable to fall asleep because they spasm and it feels like small bugs are crawling all over me. If you can visualise old fashioned television static, that is exactly what it feels like. I have been on Gabapentin before and stopped taking it as I couldn’t handle how much of a zombie I felt. I was so tired all of the time, and it wasn’t even helping my nerve pain. How does everyone cope with their nerve pain??? I feel helpless and it is really getting me down. I wish it would just go away.

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3 months ago

Hi im so sorry you are going through this and gaba isn’t working. Maybe try codiene or amitriptyline or both. Or pregabalin. I hope you find something that works.
Nerve pain is so freakin powerful it takes hold of you. I had never cried from pain before and I’m a mother of 2!

Gabapentin helped me but i recently switched to amitriptyline because gaba was messing up my periods and making me irritable.
Have you tried them gels that you put on?
When i had it bad i went to my GP daily until i found something that helped!

3 months ago

@milliepipkins , you need something to help you, be it Pregabalin , Amitriptyline or Duloxetine. But , be prepared to get through the initial side effects of drowsiness. These can be mitigated by not taking them too late in the evening, no later than 12 hours before you intend to get up the next day.

Talk to your GP about this.

3 months ago

@milliepipkins, I literally feel your pain. I thought I knew pain until I got this MS nerve pain, now I realize everything else was child’s play. gabapentin, amitrityline, celexa, even sativex, either didn’t work or I felt too buzzed to be worth it. I am now working with an MD on medical hypnosis, getting acupuncture twice a month, and rubbing CBD oil on my legs before bed mixed with volteren cream. Hang in there!

3 months ago

You poor thing I know exactly how you feel
My nerve pain in my legs are worse when there’s been a change of temperature
I take 4 10 mg amitriptylene and 2 paracetamols and 2 ibruprofen when I’m so bad. Plus I keep a hot water bottle on my legs
All this helps the pain decrease
All the best
Ali xx

3 months ago

Hi, have you tryed cbd oiL? I take cannabis high in cbd and it really helps with pain and I can also sleep, with the cbd oil you need to buy 10% or over.

3 months ago

Hi.poor thing. It is terrible .
I take duloxetine 60mg and 50mg pregbalin x 2 daily.
Pillow under knee’s is slightly better for me at night.
Also, cream for GP for pins/needles google . Various types.
Take care. LJl.🦋

3 months ago

Hi sorry to hear your in so much pain? I had the same problem ? And I treated myself to a tindaloo curry witch is hot hot hot wich solved that problem I had all my symptoms gon but only temporary and then whent on to rick Simpson oil wich is really good wich didnt solve the whole broblem im im doing intermediate no carb no sugar fasting and high in detox food and exercise you are what you eat im symptom free now and feel so much better I hope you get better its hard but be positive

3 months ago

Thank you all so so much for your help and advice. I guess its a case of trial and error and finding what works best. I am on setraline at the moment so would have to ween off that before amitriptlyin but I’m happy to try anything. I will take them at a reasonable time to reduce tiredness, thank you @stumbler! I see my neurologist next month so hopefully we can start something then! Fingers crossed

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