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1 year ago

I doubt it’s normal – because mine does it too 🙂 & I’m not normal even for the abnormal

I’ve always put my “bag of loud gravel” neck noises & stiffness down to many many years of rugby, but the problem with MS is everything your body does the default thought is – is this a new symptom? when in fact it could actually just be normal wear & tear non MSers would also get.

1 year ago

@binx , I agree with @tog1, it doesn’t sound much like MS.

Perhaps a trip to your GP would be in order……

1 year ago

I have had this problem as long as I can remember. I usually get the headaches when warm and cold fronts move through. I have had three doctors tell me this is a type of migraine. I didn’t believe the first two because it didn’t sound like any migraines I had heard about. I told my neurologist about the neck/headache problem when he asked me about headaches. He said it was a uncommon type of migraine and it is common for people with MS to have migraines. He offered me migraine medicine but I didn’t want any more side effects to deal with. In the past I would put a heated rice bag on my neck but my neuro says that is a bad idea. He says it warms the blood and can cause flare ups with your MS symptoms, he says soaking in a hot tub is also no no. I just take Tylenol and use a vibrator or my neck and head and that helps. I have started doing that everyday it seems to loosen up a lot of tension. Spring is here I am anxious to know if this new daily routine will help prevent neck headaches. Your description is very accurate I hope this helps. Potter

1 year ago

Thank you all I’ll talk to my neurologist when I next see him

1 year ago

HI , I actually just got back form my first visit at the Osteopath as I have neck pain radiating to the head, and neck stiffness and gridding . He said that the grinding is a symptom of the arthritis
Im going for next visit next month
My neuro said its not MS related

1 year ago

I get the grinding really loud through my ear drums as well. I actually noticed mine after a car crash my neck has never been the same since then. That’s when my grinding of the neck started.

1 year ago

Hi there,
My sister was also going through the same problem last year. She was not diagnosed with MS but had severe pain in her neck wherever she moves it. We have consulted many neurologists, in her treatment she used to feel relaxed till the medicine affect on her body and after the affect goes off, she again feels the same pain. Many of the doctors recommended for the physiotherapy and hydro massage so that she could overcome easily.When her pain was increasing day by day, her new neurologist recommended us to get a walk in tub install in our own house. The tub gives the facility of hydrotherapy, which is a well known pain relief treatment and results into many other health benefits too. We consulted Independent home team for the installation of the tub, so that she does not have to go to the therapy centers daily for the hydro massage. after the installation of the tub, she daily took the benefits of the therapy and it helped her a lot in her neck pain recovery along with the neurologist treatment. If anyone of you want somewhat relief from neck pain, can go through the source ( and can install the tub not only for your neck pain but also in recovery from body pain.

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