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My spinal tap is normal??

Hi. I was told 25 years ago that I might have Ms but the tests were inclusive and being a young mother of 3 I never followed up. I lived my life and played off each symptom as the aging process. Then about 6 months ago I began to take notice that thing were happening to me that weren’t right. My son noticed I was driving with one eye closed, I was having double vision. My muscles in my back were painfully spazing and I couldn’t concentrate on anything multitasking was impossible and I developed severe headaches and numb feeling in my extremities including feeling like my legs were sizzling. My doctors reported that my MRI shows abnormal things and she suspended MS. Then the memory came back and it all made since. The new nurologist ordered blood tests and spinal tap. No one wants this diagnosis but having answers surely brought me some comfort until the nurologist sent a message saying my spinal appeared normal. As weird as it sounds, I’m a bit disappointed as I can no longer work because of pain and cognitive issues I have been denied disablity and am appealing but the stress and panic are getting the best of me. A Ms diagnosis explains a lot of issues in my life. My slurred speech fatigue pain etc. But my nurologist is no longer worried and refuses to schedule me any earlier than next month for a follow up. Has anyone had a mormal spinal and gotten a Ms diagnosis??

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4 months ago

Yes, it is possible. It makes the diagnosis of MS less likely but not impossible. There is no one, exclusive MS-test.

4 months ago

My lumbar puncture was normal and I went on to be diagnosed with RRMS my symptoms are all very similar to yours too

4 months ago

Hi @tammy_watt

Yep diagnosed as RRMS without any oligoclonal banding following the lumber puncture.

I was told before diagnosis that no banding does not prove you don’t have MS, I think I remember them saying if you have MS there is a 1 in 20 chance your spinal tap will come back clear. I think I have seen other ratios mentioned on this forum.


4 months ago

Thanks. How long before the officially diagnosed you @wendyhills? I am seriously needing some stability and to know I’m not crazy. My symptoms are real!

4 months ago

@tammy_watt I had my lumbar puncture October 2017 time but waited ages to see a neurologist in April 2018 when finally saw her was diagnosed.

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