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My sister has MS

So my 21 year old sister was diagnosed with RRMS last year and at first i guess it didn’t seem as though it would affect her to such a big extent but within a space of a month she went from being able to walk to being in a wheelchair, unable to eat, swallow or walk
im really scared because i feel like she’s not going to get any better after this point, she was given medication but she stopped it because it started to make her really sick but i just don’t know how to deal with this?

ofcourse my family is really supportive and we all look after her but i dont know what to do to help her get better, anytime im told to look after her i slip up and she falls or something happens and i just want to cry

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2 years ago

@zeusssx , it’s good of you to join us on behalf of your Sister. In this respect, she’s very lucky.

As you’ve seen, MS is an unpredictable condition, so I can make no prophecies for your Sister’s future. However, it’s early days for your Sister, so she has age on her side.

If the diagnosis if RRMS is correct, then your Sister needs to utilise these periods of remission, to work with provided physiotherapists and other healthcare providers to recover her lost function. MS can damage neural pathways which cause these problems. But, the brain can use our neuronal reserve to try and find alternative pathways to restore function. However, it does take repetitive work to effect this.

Otherwise, your Sister needs to adopt a balanced lifestyle and a balanced, healthy diet. And, most importantly, avoid all causes of stress, which can aggravate the MS.

She is fortunate to have you for support. Don’t make MS the only subject for discussion. Your Sister has MS. she is not MS. Talk about MS. only if she wants to.

2 years ago

@stumbler thank you for your reply, I’m glad there are people out there who can relate and understand my situation. I think the most important thing is to keep a positive mindset in this situation because thinking negatively won’t make things any better. I will definitely look into ways we can help her at home through your suggestions of diet and small-scale exercises. I can’t imagine how she feels but this is a journey and I hope one day we will see a positive outcome for both my sister and everyone else who is affected by this. thank you again for your reply.

2 years ago

Thank you for sharing this…It’s so important not to make life all about MS for a person/family experiencing MS.

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