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My holiday

Peter and I are trying to book a holiday wich is turning out a major nightmare . We have now got as far as booking it but first choice have to check wether my chair fits on the flight and they will pay for one transfer to and from the airport but not the second ! Are they aloud to do this could do with some laws on this subject I always thought they had to except my chair and if I can’t use the normal transfers they had to supply us with an alternative ? Who’s up to date with the latest law ?
Thanks in advance femke xx
P.s. I am flying to and from England

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Stumbler you might have a law or two up your sleeve !
Thanks femke xx

@femke, you’re just challenging me again! 😀
Here’s a website that may provide some guidance:-

Knew you could come up with something as always !!!
Any ideas about the transfers our am I pushing my luck now !
Thank you stumbler

@femke, once you have details of you flight, get in touch with the airline and tell them that you’ll need assistance. There’s probably details on the airline’s website.
Once they’re aware, they’ll have a person available at the airports, to facilitate your passage through the airport’s procedures.
I’ve managed it a couple of times in a wheelchair. It’s quite good, as you get whizzed through everywhere, queue-jumping as you go.
I’ve only found one quicker route through Gatwick arrivals than travelling in a wheelchair. And that was to arrange an ambulance to meet the plane – but, you don’t want details of that adventure!

Hi stumbler ,
That sounds like an adventure ! I have flown quite a lot but I’ve never gone on a package deal by transfers I mean from airport to hotel wich is included in the price but because I can’t get on the bus plus my chair can’t I would have to use a private mini bus wich they will pay for one way but I would have to pay the return wich is about 80pounds that’s the bit I can’t believe I have to pay !
The challenge is set !

@femke, my view would be that is it contravention of the Equality legislation, which covers disability discrimination.
I would just suggest to them that you don’t believe that they can legally charge you for being disabled. And see what they say.

Thank you I knew it no challenge to great !
All the best femke xx

@femke, I’ve just been around a long time, so I’ve learnt a thing or two. Or, I know where and how to look for answers.

I’ve never heard of airlines paying for transport to or from the airport. I would have thought they weren’t obliged to do this. Their responsibility is for getting you from check-in to the airplane and back off the plane to arrivals in your destination airport. Transfers to your destination, from the airport, are usually your own responsibility.

@pottypete, I agree. Onward transportation is the responsibility of the Package company, but is still subject to disability discrimination legislation.

Hi potty Pete great to hear about your good news on your other postie you deserve a bit of good news !! The package holiday includes transfers to and from the hotel but my chair won’t fit in the bus plus I can’t get up the stairs I must admit as I have never had a package holiday before hence me asking for advise ! So thank you for your input !
All my best wishes femke xx

Ah, a package holiday. Now you’re talking. Most companies now charge a seperate fee for all passengers for transfers. If they are going to only give you one transfer, then I’d definitely say that that isn’t fair. Though I would say that there isn’t much profit in a package holiday, so it may be that that is behind their stance.
How long is the journey from airport to your resort?

@femke, this holiday doesn’t sound right for you. You need to know that they can accommodate your requirements.
Have you had a look through this website :-

Hi stumbler through that site I found the hotel and then me being me started looking who else uses that hotel and they could offer an all inclusive deal wich was cheaper ! Hence me contacting them they haven’t got got back to me yet so we will see but I’m armed now !
Hi pottypete they said they will pay one way and we would have to pay the return around 80 pounds I think the transfer is about 45mins but finding a minibus that can take my big electric chair is going to be the problem ( if we try do do it private )
Starting to go of the idea altogether and just use stumbler s website it will probably be a safer bet !
Thanks gents xx

It is illegal for European Airlines to charge for ‘essential medical equipment and this includes wheelchairs, electric or otherwise’ .


I’ve been here:
http://www.laspiedras.co.uk/ But getting over there with my friends electric wheelchair was a nightmare, despite us booking assisted travel it never turned up. That was the airlines fault NOT the hotels. The hotel has 2 accessible minivans which pick you up from the airport and Hanna & Adrian the owners are lovely folk:) I would say I would go there again but be VERY sure that the assisted manifests in the UK.. The airport staff in spain were v helpful as well.

By comparison my last holiday to Rhodes with a manual wheelchair and pack of dialysers (for me)(essential med equip) was very very smooth.

Where is it you intend to go??

Wd only repeat potttpete’s advice and wot jman said. ALLOW PLENTY OF TIME. Assisted passage with wheelchair at Gatwick, very helpful, but they put you on 1st and take you off last. However you and wheelie get to travel in smooth buggy & bypass queues. With baggage, and chair this is a VAST help!
But DO contact airline & check up on em. And airport.

I would ask WHERE you going FROM the airport? It was a pricey taxi ride from Gatwick to North London, but with 5 cases & wheelchair, no option.
Can see the prob with electric chair. There ARE taxis that take a scooter, and even a scooter wd fit in a coach boot but its the steep steps isn’t it?

Thank you both reddivine how are you by the way ? We are travelling from Manchester wich we have done before absolute a class service to Cyprus never been there with electric wheelchair our son lives thre and we are driving in our minibus to his house so he can do the taking and picking up from Manchester no probs thank goodness it’s the other end that is causing the problem , like I said first choice Thomson are willing to pay for one transfer to hotel but we have to pay for our own transfer back wich seems so unfair ! And as stumbler mentioned why should I pay because I am disabled ! We have booked provisionally but the have get back to us wether there is a disabled room available and if the airline can fit us in ! As we are talking October in my eyes there can’t be a problem I know the hotel has several diabled rooms at extra cost and like you said the cant refuse us on the airline ! We shall see they are going to phone me back Tuesday I just wanted to arm myself with as much info as possible as I have a bad feeling about them going to refuse me . It is so difficult to find somewhere to go wich suits us both Peter wants a gym sauna etc and just want to go where I can be independent ! We know the hotel is ok because I got it of a diabled holiday website , fingers crossed
Thank you all for your input !! All the best femke xx

Disabled room AT EXTRA COST?? something wrong there. They surely can’t charge more for a disabled access room. Hmmm something fishy there.

Yep but after all yours and the others help I am going to try and sort it out when they contact me tomorrow thank you all I’m armed now !
How is your eye reddivine !
All the best femke xx

Well it seems first choice holidays are last choice went with stumbler suggestion were I am being treated very nicely by a lady who’s surname is friend very correct ! Have to admit @stumbler is right again ! When will it stop its becoming spookie but I am very gratefull thank you stumbler !

@femke, I’m hardly ever right! You ask my wife.

Don’t be shy now !

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