6 months ago
My Head Hurts

does anyone else get really bad pains in there head mines like a shooting pain on the side of it, its really painful, is this ms related? or just a head ache?

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It’s not Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), is it? That’s really painful.

I don’t suffer personally, but I believe Amitriptyline can be used for some relief.

If it’s TN…………

I had this during my last relapse. I think this is it….
I suffered really badly with any stimulation to my face or head (cold wind, washing/brushing my hair) I found that a warm compress helped….sat with a wheat bag against my face!!!!

Hope it helps.xx

i hope not, i get them now and again, its awful!

yep same here! i have them could be tn but could be sinus infection too! go see your doc. if it is a bout of TN get some steroids it might clear it up. it did mine when i suffered badly my neurologist saw me and adviced me if i ever get it again go to A&E and demand steroids. Also self help what does ease it somewhat sometimes is hot or cold compress on the most painfull area’s (for me is was warmth that took the edge off)
good luck and hope you’ll feel better soon!
xx lottie

Hi there,
I have stabbing pains in the left side of my head, it started when I had ON last Feb which is when I was then on the road to being tested for MS I had it again when I had my last relapse and I get it when I am stressed or tired.
I believe this is one of my symptoms of MS not TN in my case. Might be worth asking your MS nurse and see what they think. I can compltely sympathise though as the pain can be unbearable and If mine is really bad I have to just give in and take myself off to bed.
Hope this helps, still new to what is an MS symptom and what can be classed as normal, well normal for me lol!!

Yes I very often get shooting pains around my left eye or head. Wind and drafts can set it off . Last night actually I had the worst shooting pains while I was sleeping , yes while I was sleeping .

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