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My first "Bleeder"

Hi everyone!
I have been on Avonex for 4 months and everything has gone well so far. Tonight I did my injection with my Avonex pen and when I pulled the needle out my leg, the injection poured blood. There is always one or two drops of blood but this time it poured down my leg before I could grab my gauze, made a mess all over my floor lol. I was a little freaked out I have to admit but I think I did well(not freaking out). After some reading some stories online I now know that I must have nicked a vein and hence the gushing blood. My big question is, did I lose my medication?? Is there ways to avoid that from happening again??

Any ideas?! Thank you!

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4 years ago

@tlee , these injections are a bit hit and miss. Most of the time, they’re OK but sometimes, we’ll hit a nerve or a vein.

Try not to worry about it, as you seem to have adopted this regime and you don’t want to undermine your acceptance and confidence. You’ve come along such a long way since posting as a needle-phobe a few months ago.

So, it’s October now, did your wedding happen last month and how did it go?

4 years ago

Hi, this happened to me last week and I never gave it a thought about not getting the medication. I hate doing it anyway, not the needle part, thats no bother, just the whole what the hell am I putting in me and the money thats made through this illness and is it really needed…..ARGH!

4 years ago

Oh no sunnydaylover, I so sorry to hear your not coping well with the medication. Just try and think this may suck and makes you sick but it will extent your walking maybe for a few months, few years and maybe just maybe 10-20 years. I just keep thinking this is what’s going to keep me walking until I’m 65-70(hopefully) and if not then I guess it’s just not in my cards to walk at that age…. Who knows maybe by the time I’m 65-70 they will have found a cure(wishful thinking).
I am worried about this bleeder but it is not enough to bring me down or make me second guess myself. I am so proud of myself and I can’t believe I have come so far. I’m grateful to have this site too cause I don’t feel as worried now about the bleeder as it seems like it is common, thank god lol.
Stumbler thank you for your support! The wedding went great, I am now married to my best friend and feeling so blessed that he accepted me with all my issues. What can I say…. He loves me 😀

Have a good weekend guys! Whoop whoop to Friday!!!

4 years ago

Congratulations to you and your hubby!!

I am coping ok, just don’t like it, guess I feel like im being told to do something but how do i know if its right or wrong, good or bad….Anyway, heres hping its the right thing to be doing.xx

4 years ago

It happened me the very first time I took it and the MS nurses assured me it was ok. Keep going!

4 years ago

Congratulations on the wedding I hope you will both stay happy iv been married 32yrs now and hardly ever had a row. We just don’t talk to each other. Lol. Only joking. I was on rebif for 4 months and can hardly walk now, taken me off it 2months can walk indors now holding on the walls. But I’m a lot older than you guys, (not you stumbler) lol. Sunnydaylover yes I agree with you, is it actually helping us or just lining people’s pockets, do our doctors get hand shakes, at Xmas?? Who knows.

4 years ago

Hey. This happened to me and it’s fine, the medication still goes in. Don’t do another injection if this happens. It’s justs a nerve and be fine. Good luck! 🙂

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