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Muscular pain MS ?

Hi everyone, feel like i’m asking lots of questions on the site just now but everyone has been really helpful and I am getting answers which have been making sense, so thanks for replying. My question is this. I have lower right sided abdominal pain which feels like it is a muscular strain. I haven’t done any heavy lifting or anything that could have caused this. I feel like it’s there only sometimes but when it is it feels like a spasm. This feeling has been on and off for a week now, never getting worse but there intermittently. This is not in the tummy area but lower in the right hand side. Could this be a MS symptom or is it just my imagination. Off to the docs tomorrow for a check up anyway but just wondered if anyone ever had anything similar.

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1 year ago

@kateybash , MS can cause a weakness in our arms and/or legs and we are quite clever in that we can compensate for these weakness(es).

By doing this, we can adopt bad practice, which puts unnatural pressure on joints and muscles, causing musculo-skeletal pain.

Have a word with you MS nurse to see if they will arrange for a referral to a Neuro-physio to give you an assessment.

A trip to the GP is always worthwhile, to eliminate any non-MS problems.

1 year ago

Hi Kate
I have been struggling with similar symptoms since October last year. Pain in abdominal area mainly to the right of my belly button and can sometimes be higher up under my rib cage. I have had ultrasound scan, MRI, bloods, urine and urinary scans. Nothing has been found I don’t have a day without it to some degree. I find lying down and using hot water bottle my only relief.

I am having Lemtrada treatment on the 8th May and had a consultant appointment today and took my chance to bring it up again. I was told it was more than likely MS related but proving how and why would be impossible. I was told to carry on and if it becomes more troublesome he would look into meds.
I have struggled with this for so long I self manage it but you need to rule out other causes. Please let me know if you find out something other than ms I would love to get rid of it if possible.

I hope yours settles down soon it’s not pleasant.


1 year ago

Glad you’re seeing somebody about it. I know lower right abdominal area is the appendix so extra good to bring it up to your doctor. I have a very similar pain that you describe but mine is scar tissue from a hysterectomy 6 years ago. Hopefully you get an answer for your pain & that it goes away.

1 year ago

Thanks so much for your comments. Went to the docs tonight and she is thinking grumbling appendix!!. Back in the morning for bloods. Andy you must be so tired of the chronic pain you feel every day. I have had burning in my legs, arms, face and shoulders that feel like really sore sunburn. I have had this now for 8 months and am so glad to go to bed at night to get a little respite. Will let you know what the verdict is. Thanks again, so appreciate the support.

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