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Muscle twitching

Does anyone get muscle twitching? I have had small muscle twitches in my back and in my calves today that are driving me nuts! They are very small twitches, I can see my skin move and they are about every few seconds and extremely annoying. When I move or become active they stop, but as soon as I sit down and relax, they start up again. Sometimes they start up all over my body. Right now mostly in my back and legs.

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Yup, you’re not alone. I call “my” MS, the Mischievous So-and-so because for me it is like having a naughty child running amok inside your body doing all sorts of random things like causing the twitching, spasms, burning, tingling, pins and needles, itchiness/tickling, pulling stretching, aching, pain, squeezing, weakening, stiffening, wobbles and brain fog at any given time 🙂

I have constant muscle twitching in my legs that keeps me up and wakes me up because I think the bed is moving but its me. I also have the same thing in my arms and back but not as severe.

@maggie and @lloyd I’m sorry you guys are dealing with the same but I’m glad to know that it’s my MS and not something new wrong with me. @lloyd When I lay down at night to go to sleep my whole foot or sometimes my whole leg jerks quite a lot right before I fall asleep or as I am waking. Not a minor twitching but an all out jerk like my leg is hooked up to a high voltage wire.


@lloyd it’s funny you should mention thinking that your bed is moving. I wrote all about this same thing in my blog just recently. I had gone on for months thinking that the bed was vibrating or my mobile phone was getting a message or a call until one day it all clicked that it was actually ME that was buzzing.
@chueykooh I get those high voltage spasms from time to time. I have extreme hyper-reflexes so it doesn’t take much for some small twitch or even a bump in the road to cause what would have been a smaller spasm into one that really shoots out there. Thanks for the friend request 🙂

@maggie your welcome, thanks for accepting :). I have extreme hyper reflexes in my left leg ( my bad leg) also, it’s funny you mention a bump in the road because when I’m driving down the road in my truck and I see the road is rough ahead I have to brace my left leg or it’s going to jump around like a fish out of water. Now when I go to see the neurologist and he brings out his stupid rubber hammer I tell him not to even think about using it on my left leg.

@chueykooh my legs used to jerk like that years ago just as I was falling to sleep almost every night but that was long before my dx, so now I know after all these years it was related to the ms.

@lloyd I know what you mean. From the time I was 11 years old to the time I was 16 I would wind up in the hospital once a year not being able to walk for a week or so, my legs wouldn’t work and the pain was unbearable, the doctors told my mom that it was psychological, growing pains, viral infection, blah, blah, blah… I wish I could go back to those doctors now and tell them how wrong they were. When I was finally diagnosed at age 31 ( on my 31st birthday) I told my mom I had MS and we both knew at that instant that all those years I couldn’t walk was a result of MS. It’s funny how health problems doctors have no answer for can be explained after a proper diagnosis.


Oh, the muscle twitching. As soon as your eyes close, bam, there goes the leg. If someone else is in the bed, they are going to get kicked. And chueykooh (gotta know the reason for that name), I was told it was all in my head when I was first diagnosed. I guess they were technically right. 🙂 Massages!!!! Deep tissue for the legs. Amazing.

@heatherl Deep tissue massages are great for ms and it is hard to find someone who knows what they are doing. I had on woman who could pinpoint every triggerpoint in my back and I felt sore when I left but a while later I allaays felt great for days.

haha, one of my cats name is Chuey and he makes a cooing sound like Chewbaca from Star Wars, so I started calling him Chueykooh 🙂 He’s 26 pounds but he’s just huge, not fat, he’s my baby. And he hates the leg jerking when it’s time for bed. He gets frustrated if my leg is acting up and sleeps on the sofa.


That’s a good reason for the name. I like it. 26 pounds?! You get a workout just lifting the guy. I just got a kitty. His name is Grim. He is a kitten, and I think he is up to 2 pounds now. He treats me carefully just like my daughter.

Chueykooh I have a large orange tabby with green eyes he’s. One in three thousand I am told and he is my baby 21 pounds and the most gentle smartest Kitty I have ever had. He sleeps at the foot of my bed and I have the same problem he gets mad when I twitch or move to much, but is so loyal he stays there guarding me all night.


okay so I have to get in on this one…. I too have a furry companion. Her name is Peta and she is a dilute torti Persian. She’s just over 18 months old and I have never been a “cat” person but she is the most wonderful pet I have ever had… she keeps me company day and night. Because of the difficulty I have sleeping at night and my poor husband’s NEED to sleep, along with his snoring and tossing and turning, he was forever waking himself up for fear he was bothering me and I was constantly on edge knowing that my twitching, spasms, moving about due to discomfort and insomnia was disturbing his sleep… so although each morning we have “spooning” time in one bed or the other, I now sleep out in our lounge room on a purpose designed daybed and he is in “our” bed at night. Peta sleeps with me, and like all of your feline companions, she isn’t real thrilled with all the surprise flinching and jerking that goes on but she somehow manages, sometimes with a huff or a snort but she soon returns to finding “her spot” and purring somewhere between or near the offending legs 🙂

lloyd, at least your cat is loyal 🙂

@maggie Yeah, my big guy likes to sleep on my legs too, he’s so heavy my legs go numb and on several occasions i have woken up in the middle of the night scared,thinking I was having a horrible relapse only to find out it’s him cutting my circulation off 🙂


I have two little babies at home.
My Persian-Siamese-Tabby mix is a little girl named Deme (short for Demetrius because when we got her at 10 weeks old I was told she was a boy). When I got her she was a creamy white with a raccoon tail, black ears, little black lines on her face and suuuuuuper pale caramel stripes on her front legs. Now she is a deep brown/tan color with white mixed in. Spots and strips, bright blue eyes. She is the most unique cat I’ve ever seen. And soooo sweet. She has learned that she just doesn’t like to cuddle often unless I am awake and sitting up and on the rare occasion that she does sleep on the bed with us…its at the foot of the bed away from my legs.
And then I have my little tabby named Beau. He’s barely a year. White with silver gray patches and stripes only on the patches. And he couldn’t care about the jerking or random movements. Either he is too passed out on my chest to care or he thinks its a game.

On the topic of the muscle jerking…
I get A LOT of muscle twitching and spasms. Started out just in my back, neck, and shoulders on nearly and daily basis. Used to be so bad that I could shake the entire bed if I was sitting or lying down when it was happening. And my partner commented that while I was sleeping the other day (like hardcore nearly snoring type sleep) my muscles were jumping so much I was jerking the bed.
I also had a full leg muscle jerk at work once. the whole leg jerks straight out forward…and I was standing! Foot came clear of the ground. I was lucky to catch myself before I fell.

for this I take baclofen, or a glass of tonic water is just as good 🙂

Yeah I get this when I’m asleep (wakes me up) I get this weird build up of feeling kind of like growing pains that builds until my hand twitches. After that it goes, then comes back a few more times. I spoke to my MS nurse and she explained that maybe I might try that baclofen but it might affect my epilepsy (at least thats the drug I think she said).

yeh i get them as well every other week in my face round my eye and mouth and legs and arms i use co-codamolthey seem to work for me not got a clue why?

i think it is like when you fall off a cliff in your sleep but it doesnt just happen once more like 15 times before i fall off to sleep i was then given baclofen for the twitching etc

Hello, I’m new here. I can be sound asleep and wake up because my entire body jumps. It’s really weird. During my waking hours this can happen too, especially in my eyes and my hands will jump, or my legs. It’s not so much a twitching, as a jumping sensation.

Wow, this affects a lot more people than I thought! Thank you all for your replies. I have tried Baclofen also, it helped somewhat but I never stuck with it and slowly built up the dosage as they suggest. If it keeps up I might have to.

Blimey , now I know what could be in store for me. I have a really minor muscle twitch in the inside of my left elbow. Usually when I am on the sofa watching tv or in bed. As soon as I turn to look at it it stops – like a naughty child saying ‘wasn’t me!’. Slightly annoying but quite bearable really.

I’m another slightly mad cat person. I have 3 all with their own quirky personalities – none of them quite a large as yours @cheuykooh!

me too, i’m in,
i get in my thumbs and index finger, which is where i have left over numbness from attacks in the past,
but as it is very slight, i often only notice as i look down or try to do something but i nornally can stretch it out.

Yes, mine stop as soon as I move, but when I’m sleeping or resting they start up again like a naughty child as @SarahT said. Sarah, yes my big boy is a bowling ball with legs, lol Not so cute when he jumps in my lap 🙂 @oscar walness mine seem to be worse in areas of previous damage as well.

@Oscar I have the same numbness left over in my thumb and index finger (very slight but still noticeable, gets worse in my whole hand when I exercise). That’s the hand that also twitches

@jonnydrama Apparently, what they say is …the hotter your body is the more you feel your symptoms… i definitely notice this when i cycle – which is the only exercise i get.

I have experienced the leg muscles jerking while in bed but recently i get individual muscle flutters in legs, arms and even my chest area. its as if they are palpitating hello. so weird

@chueykooh Boy do you have the ability to remind me of symptoms that bother me, haha. I’ve had the twitches for as long as I can remember. In the face, arms, legs, and torso. If the Doc comes near me with a rubber hammer, he better be prepared for a kicking as I have hyper reflex as well.On one occasion as he tested one of my legs, the result was a huge spasm which caused my leg to completely shoot up and smash me in the upper body, which bloody hurt!
It used to happen in bed as well, I’d kick out and hit the wife, haha. If she’d pissed me off, it was a great excuse to have a dig, lol. (joke!!!! I think).
Sometimes a finger acts like I’m a telegrapher tapping out morse code.
Oh, the joys of MS, haha.

It hasn’t woken me up the past few days so it’s a good sign.

When I had my first majob relapse my body felt like it washould plugged into the mains. …and it was painful too….I was bedridden for three weeks with this…..now I’m twitching randomly in any part of my body eyelids….lips….tongue…but mostly at night legs and arms….also feel like I have a kicking baby inside me .

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