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Muscle tightness

Hi everyone, happy new year!

Just wanted to see if anyone had some ideas for me. Two days ago we had a fire alarm in the building and I walked down 16 floors. It wasn’t easy but I got there! But now I’m paying for it. My muscles in my legs are very tight and painful. I guess this could be spasticity? I get this feeling after having a bad spasm, but it clears up eventually. This is just on its own and not going away. I’m hoping it will clear up on its own in time and I don’t have to go to the doctor or anything so I’m wondering if anyone have any tips on how to try and ease it a bit?


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2 years ago

Hi @melissa-g , this sounds very much like the after-effects of an intense training session, which is what walking down 16 floors was to you.

I would normally suggest getting some heat into the limbs by taking a bath, but that isn’t an option for us, is it? Do you have a product, “Deep Heat”, where you are. It’s like a muscle rub, which would help the muscles.

Ask at your local pharmacist, explain the symptoms and see what they recommend.

2 years ago

@stumbler yes we have something like that. I’ve tried and it doesn’t seem to make any difference, so right now I’m just hoping with time and rest it will get better! And taking extra magnesium etc to see if it will help a little 🙂

2 years ago

Hi @melissa-g,

After an ON incident way back in 1997, I was diagnosed with RRMS in 2001 and apart from some heavy duty relapses, had a fairly easy ride over the years and was quite active – until recently, that is. Everything seemed to be rapidly going downhill over the last 12 months or so. I went to see my neurologist for my annual appointment in November (for the results of my last MRI) and, to cut a long story short, he concluded that my MS had gone to the Secondary Progressive phase. I kind of had a feeling that this was coming, so wasn’t that surprised.

I now have weekly appointments with a neuro physio who, among other things, has given me an excellent stretching exercise for spasticity:-

At the bottom of the stairs, hold on to the banister, put the toes of one foot on to the edge of the first step then point your heel downwards as far as you comfortably can and hold this stretch for 10 – 15 seconds. Repeat for both feet.

It feels SO GOOD when I stretch like this! ? I feel energised and invigorated and it helps my walking immensely. I do this exercise several times a day (the more the better) and am seeing great results. Have a go and see how good it feels! Good luck, hope it works for you and you start to see some positive results.

2 years ago

Hi Melissa.
To throw my two cents in: I have had mild spacsticity in my legs and arms for some time now. I hit the gym regularly and include walking and running along with various weight exercises to my routine. Except for the “you know what”, I’m in excellent condition. Without the regular exercise and a good diet, I think I’d be in alot worse shape. Of course, we’re all affected differently and I would advise anyone thinking about starting any physo to check with their neuro first. Thanks for being the Welcomer. I thought you looked familiar!

2 years ago

@petlamb thanks! I will try that. Don’t have stairs in our apartment but can use the ones in the building. I haven’t been told I have spasticity, I just think I might be having some mild symptoms of it. Other than the twitching/spasms that have been happening for a long time now, my muscles tighten up sometimes so am curious if that could be what’s going on. But stumbler is right that walking all the way down the 16 floors made my legs unhappy regardless. Just trying to see if I can help speed up the healing process a little, so I will try those stretches!

2 years ago

When I was diagnosed I was having trouble with spasms and bad charlie horse in my legs. My neuro sent me to a physical therapist, she gave me a stretching routine to do everyday. My foot doctor gave me some more and then I threw in a few Tai chi. It’s about a hours worth of exercises but I haven’t had any problems since. I am suppose to do them everyday but I usually manage three times a week. A electric vibrator can help relax muscles. I bought a cheap one, it has a assortment of hardware, I use the one that looks like three fingers on my legs. My foot doctor recommended that I use it to help with tightness in my legs. It is part of my exercise routine also. Potter

2 years ago

All I can add is when I overdid things early on in my MS, ending up with huge muscle pain I panicked, thinking it was a relapse. Took myself off to the relapse clinic and was told it was musculo-skeletal and not a relapse. Fine, but I wasn’t so happy when I was told off for not listening to my body and that it would take around six weeks to settle. So maybe you’re expecting too much too soon.

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