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Muscle problems

Another question for you fine people of

This is a bit hard to explain, so I’ve found a picture that can help describe the facial expression that causes me issues.

Two things involving this facial expression (concerning the mouth area, not the eyes):
1) If i move my lower lip to the right like he is doing in the picture (I call it the inverse Elvis) , the muscle in my neck that does this starts to twitch and bounce, which makes holding this position steady difficult.
2) If i turn my head down and to the right while making this face, the same muscle cramps up so bad that it hurts, and I have to massage it until the feeling goes away.

I’d like to note that this is the same muscle I have discussed before in a thread I created regarding Lhermitte’s Sign, where doing the same motion can cause an electric shock or elastic snapping sensation in the muscle. These things may be unrelated, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

Thanks =)

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5 years ago

@reddread Are you asking if this happens to anyone else?

5 years ago

I just had a look at the pic and the first question that pops in my head is: Why would you wanna pull a face like that and if you do pull that face why would you wanna hold it? Dunno just wondering :))

5 years ago

The picture is more for a reference to the muscles in use at the time. Let’s say that I’m yawning and I look down to the right, those muscles will cramp up. The squinting of the eyes in the picture is irrelevant to my issue, as I am not doing that when this happens.

@heatherl I guess the underlying question, now that I think about it, was; Does this sound like an intention tremor in the jaw/facial muscles, or do those even exist and I just have some sort of other issue?

I currently am experiencing intention tremors in my hands and legs, and I was just curious if it could also be affecting my face.

Sorry for the confusion, sometimes I find it hard to express what I’m trying to get across.

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