4 years ago

Hi folks, had to have MRI Scan on back as sooo painful, results came back as multi-level lumbar discopathy. Have to wait and see my neurologist now to see where to go from here. Any body know what the hell this is and if there is any treatment?

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@sharon-maria, it looks like this problem may not be in the domain of the neurologist. Hopefully, you will be referred to another specialist, who can tell you exactly what the problem is and how it can be treated.

Thanks Stumbler, thats what I thought, but the feed back from the scan states its due to my ms & therefore out of doctors hands, I dont agree with this. I am in so much pain and dont think I can wait any longer for another appointment with neurologist, wondering if I should just go along to A&E???

@sharon-maria, get in and see your GP and have a word with him/her about it.
It does suggest that there may be a physical problem, with your posture/gait, or something like that.
But, the GP should be able to let you know what should happen next and prescribe some pain relief for you.

I’m wondering if it’s what I managed to get. 2 yrs into dx I started getting backache which got worse and worse, to the point where I could only sleep in one position and if I moved even slightly I immediately woke up in pain. Then had a fall, after which the pain moved from chronic to acute. I had xrays and an eventual MRI scan from an orthopaedic surgeon. Turned out that three discs were damaged and one of them pressing on a nerve, causing me sciatica. The fall had been the last straw! They tried cortisone injections and when these failed I had a partial removal of the bad disc. That was 8 years ago and I still need physio on it but it has improved greatly. I’ve posted this before, but two things (in addition to the physio) have improved it, lessening my need for anti-inflammatories and prescription painkillers: 1) pilates 2)5000u VitD daily.

I was told that the problem arose from abnormal gait – the thing was, 8 years ago my gait wasn’t THAT abnormal, so it just shows that even a slight imbalance can cause big problems. xx

Should also have said – I agree with @stumbler but would recommend that you ask the GP for referral to an orthopaedic surgeon.

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