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MS wheelchair using travellers wanted!

Love travelling? Use a wheelchair? How about spending your time travelling vicariously, getting inspired and inspiring others?
My name is Susie, I have MS and I am now in a wheelchair. But I love travelling and even though it is much harder now and way more complicated, I have found loads of great information that really helps, such as loads of reviews from other wheelchair users. But there are hundreds if not thousands of pieces of information floating around on the Internet and wheelchair users spend hours trying to find the things that they need to help them travel more easily. I’m trying to bring all of these together and I have made a great start which you can see through There’s information on there for over 90 countries and there is tons of information for countries like the UK.
I’ve just gotten Wheelchair World registered as an official charity and this year I will be working with Microsoft to develop an app that will make the Wheelchair World content available in all languages and in a very user-friendly map. I’m also working with Lonely Planet to help update this years Accessible Travel Online Resources guide.
I would absolutely love to have you be part of this journey, and who knows where this will lead, I have already been offered a couple of free holidays and the ultimate dream is that the tourist industry, which is already really paying attention to accessibility, pays attention to the content shared on Wheelchair World and makes even more effort to bring accessibility to the forefront, improving lives for travellers and residents alike!
I would love to hear from people who are interested in joining forces with me, so get in touch! I had to stop working a year ago and I find that this is a great way to work when it suits me, keep busy and keep my mind active but also have plenty of time for invaluable rest and myriad appointments, physiotherapy, counselling and of course holidays!

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1 year ago

hi susi, i have M.S. and mobility problems , i have been to the USA for the last three years on holiday , although not using a wheelchair yet i use a mobility scooter so most problems are the same as far as traveling are concerned. i would like to be involved but dont know if i can be included.

yours martin hankins

1 year ago

Absolutely you would be included! Actually, it is very important to look at all different types of mobility aids that require accessibility; I’m sure there are things that you look for such as places that have doorways big enough to accommodate your scooter, or if you don’t take it inside, somewhere that you can leave it safely, things that I do not necessarily consider. In fact, I have just got a mobile hoist and only now understand why some people are very fixated on doorway widths!
In order not to clog up this forum with other details, would you like to email me [email protected] with ideas about how you’d like to be involved and what you would be interested in doing?
Look forward to hearing from you!

1 year ago

Hi, just joined shiftms. Seen your note and am interested. Will go on the wheelchairworld site and learn more. Speak soon.

1 year ago

I have just read you post. you set yourself a big task and I think others have already there been there.

i’m sure you re aware there are GAZILLIONS of sites, blogs, Disability Horizons, Euans Guide etc etc etc.

How about start in this country? the joys of trying to travel on a train. Not all wheelchairs are the same size. Not all wheelchairs are the same width and yet travelling anywhere by train for me requires military planning and assisted travel. IF it can managed at all.
I use a Benoit Lightdrive assisted Karma and that fits fine. Also Cross County wheelspaces are so small I need to remove the back wheel and feet and joystick.

Virgin? Good-ish
London Midland – better because its two sliding doors (like underground)
Arriva Trains Wales.- ooo-er
thats just where I live. But now i have a Trekinetic, with wider chunky tyres. Seems its impossible to get that on some trains….depending on the size/make/age of carriage.

So yeah I’ll happily review venues but first I have to get there and I can’t be the only wheelchair user with out a car!! So please………give a thought to travel BEFORE you get anywhere near the airport. More info on wheelchairs on TRAINS please

1 year ago

Hey there susiet I would love to to talk to you about this. My name is Justice

1 year ago

Hi Susiet
I’d love to be involved. I don’t use a wheelchair but have mobility issues so use a mobility scooter. I’m planning on doing some European weekend breaks soonish (hopefully) and hiring scooters at the destination city as that is something I’ve done previously in Sydney and Florida. Is that the sort of thing you’d be interested in?

1 year ago

Hi Susie. I use an electric wheelchair and am currently trying to arrange and raise funds for a trip to Shetland its a nightmare trying to sort it out. Would love to be a part of making things easier.
Nicky Traill

Oh and I have ppms

1 year ago

Hi, have you seen Euan’s Guide? set up to improve information about accessibility for trips out, traveling etc… Do look into it and see how you could link up.

1 year ago

Just looked at wheelchair world. It doesn’t list Madiera. Which is odd cuz googling got me lots of stuff. I have to tie in with my partners need for holiday dialysis so we have our work cut out.

12 months ago

I would love to get involved and help anyway I can I’m a wheelchair user and many places in Swansea are not wheelchair friendly.

7 months ago

Thank you everybody for your responses, sorry I haven’t responded here but I have contacted people directly or sent friend requests to people. I don’t often checklist post or this site so if you’re interested please email me [email protected]
thank you!


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