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MS update. MMS(Chlorine Dioxide) Magic

Hey Everyone. Just wanted to update you about eating and diagnosis. I have been gluten free and almost all dairy free for 2 weeks and I think it’s been helping. My MRI came back clean but I finally got into our Naturopath and I have Lyme disease not Ms. I went blind for a bit in one eye and lost all use of one hand another day for about 5 mins. An old friend found out I have Lyme and he told me to trust him and to go on a product called MMS. Miracle Mineral Supplement, also the baby formula brand is chlorine dioxide. I said a desperate man would try anything once so he got me the baby stuff which is wimpy but he eased me into it so I didn’t get sick and quit. 7 days my joint pain lessened atleast 50%, my 3 week headache went away, I started sleeping thru the night, my jerkiness went away, I didn’t have to pee every 30 mins and not at all at night either and my energy was increasing. 2 days ago he moved me into the real stuff and I was exhausted because I could feel the bacteria(pathogens) dying off and I was super tired but didn’t get sick. 3 days ago I was forgetting everything and driving to the wrong place and felt like I had so many neurological symptoms and last night something gave in my head and I feel some poison certainly left my brain. I encourage all of you to research this product. The crazy thing is it’s pretty much free so you know it’s not about the money. My buddy says the cost of what I took so far was about one dollar. I will add some links. I spent about 30-40 hrs reading testimonies etc and it fixes a lot of ailments. I truly believe it will help all of you a tonne. Please consider it. To order its about 50$ for a year supply. Info goto.

To learn more about side effects and Lyme incase misdiagnosed.

Simply I just know how awful these symptoms can leave us and this product is really helping me so If only one of you listen and give it a try
and post on here what it’s doing for you then more will ppl will want to try it.

My friend told me to follow the money! Clearly nobody is getting rich at 10 cents a day for the product. I was bed ridden for over a month. Today I was at work for 7 hrs already. I’m going to get my life back becuz of this stuff.

Here is a link of this product curing 154 ppl
In Yuganda with Malaria. 24 hrs they got retested and all were better. We all have these same bacteria in us called Sphiroketes. Red Cross knows it but the cost to cure malaria
Is 10 cents and the big pharmas charge 787$ for malaria pills and takes 6 weeks to cure. This takes 4 oz of water and 15 drops of MMS.

It’s fixed my brain fog 50% and I’m only at 3 drops and working my way up to 15.

God Bless u all

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10 months ago

Chlorine dioxide is an industrial bleach! The Miracle Mineral Supplement mentioned has been widely discredited.

10 months ago

Widely discredited by who? CNN. The media fakes getting paid by the big pharmas because this product works!!


this video has MD doctors from Tijuana Mexico explaining the difference and why it is healing everyone on it.

Be careful who you listen to guys. I have some red flags up for this Stumbler character. I’m not selling this product,
I’m merely telling you what it’s doing
For me! Discrediting something from an article that doesn’t want the product out that’s basically free seems almost enough right there for me to want to try it.

Basically whatever the media tells you these days just do the opposite and you have a fighting chance!

Google Kerry Rivera MMS. She’s in the medical field and 380 children have been taking this so called “industrial Bleach” as Stunbler would put it and have been entirely healed of Autism and 1000’s more symptoms lessened.

10 months ago

@job777 , I will leave it to our members to make their own judgements.

As i will about whether I should have more red flags……………

10 months ago

@job777 and @stumbler

How fc~king dare you @job777 is my first thought.

Not only am I offended that you have called into question our Stumblers research and wise words;(He is a trusted, beloved and honest mentor to us all here) ; but I am incandescent that you are attempting to hoodwink vulnerable people into trying a banned substance which would have catastrophic consequences if ingested.

Your Jim Hubble is a Scientologist crank, mms is [email protected] Genesis has been prosecuted- do you assume and presume we are all idiots?!

So I suggest you don’t darken this site again, you are a parasitic con artist.

Please no one even entertain this.

It’s been banned in Canada. Caused untold fatalities and investigated 6 times(SO FAR) by the uk police. Which is where I will direct you, unless you publish a apology and promise not to pedal this BS to anyone else.

You should be ashamed of yourself.
I bet your mother is proud,
You are clearly a devils cohort.

Good luck with that one.

10 months ago


“MRI came back clean but I finally got into our Naturopath and I have Lyme disease not Ms. I went blind for a bit in one eye and lost all use of one hand another day for about 5 mins. An old friend found out I have Lyme ”

Really? You had an MRI and then needed an old friend to diagnose Lyme? Every neurologist I think knows that symptoms of MS often present in ways similar to other diseases. Their goal is to try to use imaging and testing techniques to isolate whats going on.

So they believed your symptoms enough to have an MRI and then decided to give up after it was clean? Seems odd to me.

10 months ago

WOW! I’m being attacked?
Did I somewhere mention that I wanted to Peddle u this product ? I said I was diagnosed from my Naturopath that I have Lyme Not Ms. got the MRI to rule out MS and and old friend found out I had Lyme and was awesome enuf to take the time to share the MMS product with me and Trach me how to use it and told me of a lot of other ppl that I know that was cured from taking it as well. He is wealthy and didn’t charge me. It’s about helping. I simply wanted to share that the incredible effects I have noticed in 13 days of being on it that it’s now hard to stay quiet since my jerkiness inside symptom and my neurological symptoms have been relieved. Certainly you must know of someone in your area that is taking this product. I mentioned prior that you need to follow the MONEY! this stuff is like 30$ for a years supply. Cost more to ship it probably then to buy it. I realize
That everyone these days it out to get everyone else and it’s hard to trust but I can promise you my Mom is proud of me and I even shared some of my product with her cuz her feet and hands were inflamed and in 48 hrs took her inflammation way down! I’m new to the product so maybe I will end up getting bad side effects yet, I don’t know but what I do know is it’s helping me and I would still be bed ridden without it. I didn’t know it was illegal in Canada so anyone reading this do your own research etc. I’m clearly on the wrong forum anyways as I don’t have MS, so you guys try to cheer up a little and try not to believe every article in the future that bans things that are a help in this world. The haarp machines or the Chem trails, GMO, or the round up they spray on our crops are good for us ? Were all getting sick and it’s not a coincidence. Let’s wake up together and fight the Big Brother out there. Start listening to the real news. Alex Jones, Mike Adams, the health ranger,

10 months ago

Please @job777 do not trust Naturopaths and ” friends” too many people taking advantage of vulnerable people….i have seen it over and over again i have been reading any corner of internet for 8 years and that is Not a cure.

Go be seen by different specialists more than one serious people in hospitals STOP selling hope. NO CURE FOR MS YET. Best you can do is to take a disease modifing drug. And if they say you have MS trust them.

@stumbler it is a red flag for me.

10 months ago

I’ve checked out all your gurus / they are all crAnks like you – like I say shame on you for thinking we are idiots, lying and being a fake who thinks it’s ok to poison your own mother, as well as try and persuade us to…

I quote“Obviously, a doctor reading this study would know what that word meant but the average person does not and clearly, Jim Humble did not or he would have understood the implications of this study that he uses to justify selling people bleach to drink. It does NOT justify it; just the converse. It has information that should make any thinking person realize that MMS is a dangerous substance especially to a person who is not in a state of robust health!”

And there’s a plethora of sites discrediting every single thing you say

I’d get to a shrink and a doctor and a lawyer if I were you and keep your bs to yourself

9 months ago

Yeah well all I know is all my neurological issues broke free last Thursday because of mms and without this stuff I couldnt handle a simple task, now I’m able to function again. I got my blood work
Back from California and it is positive for Lyme. Here’s a link because it’s helping
so many ppl with Lyme. Different than MS clearly but I also read lots that Zeolite helps release brain fog etc. If the doctors stand up for it in Tijuana with the different medical rules that was enough for me to try it.

Again. I’m not selling it. I’m using it and telling everyone I know in my hometown that has Lyme to try it cuz this disease is horrible and it takes away most of the symptoms. Maybe it’s because I havent done a bunch of antibiotic protocols first but I know for me it’s what got me out of bed and back to work. Probably not the same for MS patients but sure thought it was worth the mention. I guess it sounds like you have all the remedies you need though so clearly it’s not for any of you.

9 months ago

@job777 , why did you join our Forum if you had been diagnosed with Lyme’s and not MS!?

You are peddling a discredited protocol, whilst telling us you have Lyme’s and not MS! This makes no sense.

Your comments have been unwelcome and you are contravening one of the Forum’s House Rules (, notably :-

No two the same.
We expect people to talk about medical experiences and drug choices, however we will not tolerate promotion of one drug or therapy over another. Feel free to provide information and talk about your own experiences, but please let people come to their own conclusions. Please don’t tell people that they have chosen the wrong treatment, or that yours is best.

We will not tolerate this form of activity. You have been warned!

9 months ago

@mermaidia11 and @stumbler – awesome job of alerting readers to the pseudoscience junk in this tread. No need for a sciencegeek here 😉

9 months ago

beggars belief @job777 kept hammering the point without so much as a grain of truth or evidence. And the lawyer in me hates that more than anythin,.. ..although peddling dangerous stuff to vulnerable people desperate for hope or a cure is THE LOWEST OF THE LOW @job777
It’s so good we are a tight team here @stumbler and @sciencegeek keep up the good work boys n thanks @job777 it reminds me that there are plenty of people willing to take advantage….he will get his karma for that load of rubbish

9 months ago

A cure for HIV, malaria, Hepatitis, H1N1 virus, Autism, Acne, Cancer. Where have we all gone wrong. We no longer need fundraising. OR we have a crackpot on this site.

The deaths of people taking this product is irrelevant.

9 months ago

I try to be skeptical of what I hear on CNN.

.1 ppm of chlorine dioxide was set by OSHA as the highest recommended long term exposure to ingest either gas or liquid. Below is a link to a fairly well known paper by Norio Ogata and Takashi Shibata in the microbiology world.

In this study 0.03 % is way lower than .1% the safe limit. Look at the p factor of P=<0.002. The null hypothesis that “Chlorine Dioxide does not kill viruses”, is wrong.
I do not think the influenza A virus knows if I am a mouse or human.
In fact chlorine dioxide does kill viruses.

They use chlorine dioxide gas in some Japanese classrooms as a deodorizer. This gas does not mask smells, like an air freshener would, it actually kills the bacterial or fungal source. They compared the absenteeism rate to those that did not have the chlorine dioxide, in this case the p=<.0001.

Public Health Statement for Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorite

Chlorine dioxide is added to drinking water to protect people from harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Most people will be exposed to chlorine dioxide and its disinfection by-product, chlorite ions, when they drink water that has been treated with chlorine dioxide. The EPA has set the maximum concentration in the drinking water at 0.8 milligrams per liter (mg/L) for chlorine dioxide.

In the US 4000 Americans die each week from influenza A

9 months ago

And your point is what?!

We all have MS and don’t want to take toxic substances, or have the time to read or hear such nonsense –

no matter if it is used as a deodoriser in Japanese class rooms or is used in controlled doses, on the American influenza epidemic


Or are you just being a show off with your cut and paste skills?

More Thoughtless, pointless, irrelevant bs …

9 months ago

That was not my point, to endorse MMS. When someone states something that is not correct, that it cannot kill a virus, and is an industrial bleach. Its widespread use is also a food disinfectant, and its in our water supply. Just the word industrial bleach, displays an unscientific bias. Minute amounts of CD gas, way below OSHA limits, can protect us.

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