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Ms Symptoms?

pls help.
im 16 and for around 3-4 years ago i might of been diagnosed. Back then everytime i ran full speed when i played soccer i couldnt feel my right side so my hand would curl up and my right side of lip would go down and i just had to fall down. It lasts 7-10 seconds. 2 years ago it returned but not when i ran but just on a regular basis. Most time i stand up i couldnt control my right side my hand, foot, would curl up and i lost balance. This year it is really bad and it happens during mid conversations and when im walking and mostly when i stand. But never happens when i am lying down or sleeping. I stress about it more and i think stress causes it to be more severe because when im relaxed or doing my hobbies it never happens. But this is really annoying and my self confidence is down as i stress about doing daily activites like walking, standing up or talking. I tend to flex or tense up and usually it helps but it is just too frequent now.

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1 year ago


My gut feeling is that what you described is not MS – but what do I know…

See your physician; take all tests offered then once you have the proper diagnosis…

Good luck & take care of yourself.

1 year ago

Hi @jays0nt and welcome.

As mentioned above, it might not be MS, as the symptoms of MS present in various other conditions too.

You’re too young to be having these type of problems. So, you need medical advice now. The stress of not knowing, as you noticed, is not helping.

Take care, resolve this and get on with enjoying life again. 😉

1 year ago

Hi @JaysOnt
Since you live in or near Toronto have your parents take you to Sick Kids hospital or get your dr to refer you. They have one of the best staff and facilities in the country including an MS clinic if required. Take care! Keep your confidence up!


1 year ago

Hey thanks for the reply. This week i had rarely had my problem. I dont know if it was stress or if my immune system was low but I had only a few times where this happened. I got a check up at my local clinic and got a blood, heart and urine test. But they only found blood in my urine and the rest was fine. My doctor said it isnt too serious but im meeting a specialist. I tried searching it up but cant find anything that relates to my searches.
thanks for the replies and thanks for the good words

1 year ago

Hey @jays0nt im glad youll be seeing a specialist, hopefully you’ll get some answers to put your mind at rest soon 😊 please let us know how you get on

1 year ago

I’m no expert but it could be a form of epileptic seizure as it seems short-lived but occurring multiple times. I was having simple partial seizures before medication (deja vu with fear, nausea). You dont have to experience fits if youre epileptic. I think mine were brought on by stress (redundancy) although I am on this site for a glaringly obvious reason. I hope you get some answers but don’t jump to any conclusions before seeing the experts. All the best

1 year ago

Forgot to tag you @jays0nt

1 year ago

You know your body the best. Maybe it’s a pinched nerve. Whatever it is, it good that you are asking questions. Taking responsibility for your own health. Most kids would just expect their parents to figure it out. Don’t give up.

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