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Hello everyone.. Im a 30yr old mother to two little girls and married to my husband and best friend since high school. I literally found out today by my dr that she believes i have ms and his sending me for MRI and other tests after that. I have been getting headaches on a daily basis that within past few months has actually increased to having everyday and i wouldn’t take meds for them they go away for few hours then back again. I have also for about three years now…since having my youngest…get this awful pain from my neck clear down my spine and can feel the pain to my toes…I get numbness n tingling in my fingers at times. But i had blown those symptoms off as being a pinched nerve or something. And the past five days I have been randomly getting dizzy- lightheaded and still get the other symptoms at times. So i ended up going to my dr today after i had been to hospital a few times in the past few days freaking out thinking i had something like a brain tumor or was having a stroke…even thought my ct scan came back clear of anything like thst…but still having these issues. So i got in to my dr and this is where im at right now…going to be getting the MRI and other testing if needed. My question is do any of you experience these symotoms…even though i haven’t been diagnosed with this yet can you explain your symptoms to me?? Do you also get dizzy and headaches along with the tingling and numbness at times? I have bad anxiety so I freak out about everything like this as i always fear something bad is going to happen and i can’t fix it. So can anyone of you inform me of your symptoms and how you cope with them. I appreciate it thank u!!!

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10 months ago


My first thought was that the pain in your neck is your spouse; my wife always says I am…

Seriously though, I had many of the symptoms you have – except for the headaches. They told me it was a pinched nerve – I told them I could feel it in my neck; just below where my skull joined my spine. After polite nagging on my end, they sent me for an MRI – then called me in for spine surgery.

When the spine surgery was not healing properly, my Surgeon asked my wife how long I had been dragging my feet; a spinal tap & a Brain MRI were immediately on my schedule. MS was then diagnosed.

To make a long story short – they are just guessing right now so no need to panic. Let them run their tests. Until they know what is going on, it is impossible for you to plan. Just enjoy your daughters & give hubby your love…

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