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Has anybody taken out critical illness insurance or medical insurance successfully following an MS diagnosis? What are the premiums like and are there any catches or watch points?

I’m looking to get quick access to good medical advice in London when I need it and if possible some kind of financial buffer if I cannot work for a long period. I feel I need better advice than what I have received from an NHS neuro in greater London or is there a really good London teaching hospital specialising in MS that I could get my GP to refer me to on the NHS for a second opinion.

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I was rejected for critical illness cover prior to diagnosis I suspect because of optic neuritis and other problems that alerted my gp to the possibility of MS. I believe an MS diagnosis would have allowed me to make a claim on the policy, so it’s not really surprising I couldn’t get the cover!

I already had critical illness cover when I got my mortgage….lucky doesn’t quite cover how I felt!!

My friend had critical ilness prior to her diagnosis and yes you can clain for MS and she received £75,000 but you cant get it after a diagnoses im led to believe sorry

I had critical illness cover before diagnosis but my claim was rejected cos of a doctor’s appointment about a numb hand years before diagnosis.

Really?!! That makes no sense!!! Did they give you a full explanation as to why they rejected it?x

Suspect illness. MS or something could have been the cause, and I hadn’t declared it – but what did I know?

I have critial illness cover I took out in September 2011 and I have now been diagnosed with MS and luckily my policy covers MS. So my luck was with me for once in my timing. Lets just see if i can claim on my policy yet. :/

Mine covered MS too, but they argued that my numb hand could have been a symptom and I didn’t declare it on my claim even though it was 16 years BEFORE I was diagnosed!

I haven’t been able to get critical illness post diagnosis – had just finished law school so not really had chance to take it out before becoming ill – i did look into it 12 years ago when i bought my 1st house but the premiums were so high i did not even attempt to apply to see if i would be accepted. Not tried since as even if i did get insurance it would exclude my ms and given the nature of the illness and what insurance companies are like they would probably try and dispute any claim on the policy and try and link it to being ms related to avoid paying out – sorry if there are any members who work for insurance companies and i’ve just offended you :-)!!!! (can’t you tell i act for the little man claimant against the big bad insurance companies for a living!!!!!!!!!!!1

If you look on this page:

they will be able to help. I’ve just taken out Life Insurance but you are very unlikely to get critical illness cover. The only way might be if you can get it on a work policy that ignores previous medical history.

To reply to Hugh: the best hospital is the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square. It’s the UK’s leading neuro resource. I was referred there after my GP said that the local services were inadequate. Your neuro there will be an MS specialist and will likely be involved in clinical trials. They’ve looked after me brilliantly. Remember that under the NHS Charter you have the right to be referred to any hospital in England.

@hugh – with regards good MS specialist centers in London… there are three: The National Hospital for Neurology which has already been mentioned, Charing Cross Hospital and the Royal London Hospital (Whitechapel). All have MS specialist neuros based there. I know people who have been to all three and have been very happy with their treatment/care. My personal experience is with the Royal London and the team there are fantastic, headed by Prof. Gavin Giovannoni.

If you want to be re-referred to a specialist centre then all you have to do is ask your GP to be referred for a second opinion to the place you want to go to. You’re quite within your rights to choose!

Hi, thank you all for the great advice. Hugh

If you’ve been diagnosed by MS already by your health system at any level no-one will payout on insurance taken out after diagnosis. Was given the option of taking life cover out when i first had a tremor in my arm, but stupidly didn’t. C’est la vie….

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