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MS hug


Got this thing again where if I take a deep breathe the last little bit of my breath is accompanied by a bit of a sharp pain in my side. I get it about 3 times a year and it usually lasts about a day. Its happened for years and I just thought it was a simple muscle pain. Now I think it means something else. Its a really minor thing but now it acts like a warning. Does anyone else get this?

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I started getting this sort of pain deep in the lower abdomen. It was like a little wire twisting deep inside. Eventually I was referred to a specialist who said he couldn’t feel anything abnormal. Told the MS team and the neuro said immediately – ‘neurological. don’t worry about it’.


I commonly have similar sensations. Typically mine starts out with the general painful feeling of having the wind knocked out of you. That tight super painful feeling in your diaphragm. Then my whole chest and back will just…tighten. Hurts like hell and makes breathing a bit difficult.
I’ve also started wondering if it effects my abdomen – my stomach area specifically – as well at times. I’ve had a few bouts of severe stomach cramps that are extremely painful and typically cause vomiting (due to the cramping and pain). But got it checked out….and they couldn’t find anything wrong.

I think its muscle spasms? Had t for the time today. Was reaching in the fridge…not exactly hard work and BAM, the shoulder muscles and around my ribs contracted involuntarily. Stabbing pain, I could’nt talk for a few mins. But I did stretches, avoided the computer, and it did wear off, eventually.

Here’s what’s happening:-

“The MS ‘Hug’ is caused by tiny muscles (the intercostal muscles) that sit between the ribs and the chest wall. Sometimes, these muscles all go into spasm, a cramp like feeling, that squeezes the chest wall and ribs.”

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