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1 year ago

I had some MS hugs before I was diagnosed, I would have tingling hands and then a tightness around my chest usually a night. First time it happened I went to my GP and he told me my heart was fine, but it happened several more times and then stopped. Now when I get tingling hands or feet I know I have overdone it and I need to cut back on my activities. Potter

1 year ago

I seem to have almost constant tingling hands and feet like blocks of ice on occasion I have woke up a couple of times in the night the last week or so with my right hand feeling like it’s on fire only for a few minutes or so, just move me arm and it fades (occupational therapist gave me that handy little tip) I do like to keep it on fire tho on a cold night when the missis has been farting about with the heating timer. Makes me feel like a superhero Bang! Pow! Pop! And all that I feel I’d be good in a feet (fight) too, “Ryyyuuuukennnn!!! Muvaaaa fluffazzzz”

1 year ago

*doubles daydream*

Kelly brook has been kidnapped and tied up completely stark ballax nekkid by some orrible bas*ards from down yonder

“Fuck me it’s that jellylegged super Yorkshire dude, that does that phooking firey hand thing”

Double hobbles in like he’s shat his pants, the pearl hat wearing villain looks at his watch and takes a sip of his shandy

” oh bugger tha needs te point Percy at porcelain hang fire”

Double makes his way tet toilet that’s conviniantly placed in the corner of the room and whips out his copy of the Huddersfield examiner and sits down te commence his SDP. “Tha orrible ba*tards there’s not even got a grab rail in sight how’s a disablist ment to piss accessible toilets me hairy Yorkshire thass”

A few hours later…….

“Reet the jellied eal eating softies release that fair maiden or tha will regret it”

cockkneed villain does a weird singing in the rain style jump and heal click “fuck off you Yorkshire Puddin il stop you with me shite breath and bore yer to tears with me makeup tips”

“What’s tha on abaht thee massive bell end, tha cunt stop a pig in a ginnel” double Replys.

“Phookin AVvvvvvv ITTtttttttttahhhh” A blast of fire sparks from dubs reet and (hand) and scorches the villains at (hat).

“Shit the bed mate I was only havin a laugh no need to take it so seriously” says the CV sobbing into his shandy, a brown patch slowly starts to appear on the back of his keks.

Kelly brook pipes up in her Yorkshire accent because she’s from there it’s official she was born in a place called Hebden bridge there all footloose and fancy free there and like to smoke lots of drugs and wear sandles and tie dyed shirts. “Ahahahaha harrr he’s shite in his underclangers”

The sobbing CV starts blubbin and runs away leaving a trail of Shite behind But his orrible breath still lingers in the air along with the smell of quiche infused shite (because that’s what all people from down south eat coz its girly, it’s phooking cheese pie up ere) Dubs sprays his special air freshener in the air and flicks some flames out his hand, the ropes holding Miss brook drop to the floor. Completely stark ballax nekkid she jumps into his arms “oh dubs you big handsome Yorkshire bastard, take me take me now”. Double raises his left eyebrow and looks all heroic “nay feckin thanks love thas a married man I just couldn’t do it tet er indoors” double hobbles off into the sunset holding Miss brook in his arms. “Let’s get thee home luv and tucked up int pit thas had a harrowing experience today tha needs a kip”.

A short while later double walks up his garden path an opens wood to his home deep int Holme valley And says to his wife “ey up lass ow tha do” she replys “ey up big boy az tha ad a busy day at th’office, tha lucks like tha could do with a nice cuppa tea”. “Nay thanks love thas got a turtles head hangin aht and iv defiantly not been rescuing fair nakid maidens” . He throws off his flat cap and puts his pet ferret in its cage house and crawls upstairs as fast as he can.

39 minutes later he returns red faced, out of breath with a bead of sweat leaking from his brow. His wife says “is tha reet luv I heard a lot of puffing, panting and rustling while you were upstairs” “aye thas reet tar lass it was a awquard bugger that massive dump Iv just defiantly had and have not been doing anything else at all as iv defiantly not seen a nakid superstar and carted her all the way home and tucked her up in bed”

*The End*

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