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MS from 6 years, 6 years of problems

Dear all,
i have diagnosted with MS in 2011,
my doctors prescribe me some test drugs then, and from the last two-three years my life is a disaster.
more mentaly that phisical.
I have stop the drugs from one month, i start to get antidepresion pills,
and don’t know what to do now.
Can somebody give me advice what to do?
Thank you!

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1 year ago

@rosenrusev , you need to give the anti-depressants a chance to help you.

We all go through stages where living with this chronic condition can start to overwhelm us.

We do have to keep everything in context. You may feel your life is a disaster, but that won’t be a view shared by your family and friends.

Try and see the bigger picture and stay strong.

1 year ago

I was and really am still a lot like you!
Have been dealing with ms since 2007 one way and another, at first I bounced back pretty well and Avonex injections steamed to help, I was still working 50+hours and going hunting/tramping in the mountains.
But I slowly but surely progressed!
Now I don’t work,can’t get up a hill and am having issues with drugs!
I feel frustrated and angry all the time,not to mention useless.
If it wasn’t for Dad whom I now live with and my Beagle, I think _ Whats the point?
No matter the drugs. It is a one way trip to a wheelchair!
Another ten years and it won’t really matter!

1 year ago

Hey look here. I’m almost unable to walk without help. I’ve got this way in 4 years but I’m not giving up to a chronic condition. No way. I do have bad times but not often. I try to keep occupied, always doing something, which isn’t difficult as it takes 10 times longer than it used to to achieve anything. I make myself walk with a walker every day, several times. I do exercises. We haven’t got leukaemia like a friend of mine has. We are alive, so better to get on with it and enjoy what we have. I take antidepressants: my partner has emphysema and I fell apart. So if you’ve been prescribed antidepressants – take them. Eventually you’ll feel able to cope. We have one life, it’s not a rehearsal. All the very best of good wishes and good luck @rosenrusev & @kea21. I do sympathise with you both, but don’t be defeated, please! xx

1 year ago

You don’t automatically end up in a wheelchair, I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago and I am still walking. I appreciate every single step I take, ramps are more difficult but I don’t let it get me down. I had a aunt with MS and she had foot drop, she walked with a cane until she was 75 and died of cancer. Don’t waste your life wanting it to be over, go out and enjoy whatever mobility you have now. That person who enjoyed hunting and tramping is someone else, you have a new life and have to make the most out of it. We were at the car show this weekend sitting by our car visiting people and enjoying a beautiful day. A red truck parked close to us and a little old man got out that could barely walk, he stopped at our car. We visited with him and offered him a chair, after a while he headed to the next car. When the show was over he was still talking to other car owners and having the best time. Potter

1 year ago

Thanks all of you!!

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