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MS diet. Cutting out gluten and dairy ?

Hi Everyone. I haven’t been diagnosed yet but I have had 2 relapses that were absolutely awful. Comparable to a round of Chemo since I had 4 rounds of that too. I need to make major changes in my eating and soaking up everything I can get my ears on since I’ve been bed ridden for day 25 now and my Dr diagnosed me with Vertigo. These are my symptoms.
Had chemo 16 months ago.

Symptoms new and after chemo
Feet Numb and burning 1 yr ( after chemo)

Pin prickling. Pins and needles bottom of feet. NEW
Body parts falling asleep NEW
Vision and hearing issues 1 yr
Muscle and Joint pains. Elbows quit working for 6 weeks(turmeric helps a lot)
Feels like Chest closing is in.
Swallowing is strange. Gets harder and food seems dryer.
Light headed and super dizzy. NEW. happened for 3 weeks ( twice in the last year )
Having to pee more often. 1 yr
Extreme fatigue. Aug/17. Feb/18
Mild headaches.
Slurred speaking and just stopping mid sentence and forgetting the word and getting distracted.
Blurry vision/6 mos.
double vision left eye. New.
burning eyes now.
Pain on the neck bone a lot now. 1 month
Jawbone and teeth nerves irritating me now new
Sex drive decreased a lot. 1 yr (after chemo)
Tremors and nerves twitching NEW
Concentrating is more difficult. Affects the brain while these attacks are happening.
Dry mouth. ( White toung). New.
Can’t concentrate and slurring of speech and forgetting what I’m doing/saying in mid sentence. Feels like brain fog
Went to visit work and got anxiety for the first time of my life just watching everyone. Was crazy
Auto immune feels like brain has been poisoned like chemo. Had mono and Bell’s palsy as a teenager
Constipation and diarrhea without 2 hrs apart.

What I’m most interested in regardless if I have MS or not I need to change my diet and cut out Gluten and Dairy and eat like this I think.

Just wondering if there is anyone that has been following this type of diet cuz cutting out bread and dairy is pretty extreme and I will do it
If I have to cuz I Can’t afford another flare up but wanting to know if I have to be this extreme. There’s balance in everything but I just wanted some insight if you guys have tried this and have had success.

Thx for reading.

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10 months ago

@job777 , since you joined us three hours ago, you have made four posts extolling the benefits of diet. There’s lots written about different diets, although the feeling is the healthier your diet, the healthier you feel.

Given your extensive list of symptoms, I’d be more concerned as to why you have yet to get a diagnosis. Then you could be offered an appropriate treatment, to supplement your diet.

10 months ago

Thx Stumbler, yeah that’s why I figured I would ask the question that if this really helps from ppl that have experience it in instead of just offering what I’ve been reading without having the proof.
To answer your question my first flare up I thought I had beaver fever so disregarded MS or a dif auto immune disease. Wasn’t only until 4 weeks ago that I finallly started logging my symptoms and it’s difficult to see Dr.s where I am. Hospitals and doctors are something I seem to shy away
from and our closest Neurologist is 5 hrs away and prob a 6 month waiting list.
An MRI is months away to even get in so I’m going to a private one And paying 875$ this Thursday. I don’t know about you but I think it’s smart for all of us to try and gain health by cleaner eating, I just am afraid that going this extreme may cause a release of toxins that might do more harm so maybe easing into it may be smarter. I dunno that’s why I’m asking for ppl that have actually tried it. I’ve made it clear that I’m just going to start it and have no advice if it will work so if that’s extolling I’m guess I’m Guilty. I’m in the researching phase and everything I read that makes sense is leading to inflammation and infection in the body so the more we learn how to control these relapses the more we can protect our myelin. Lol

10 months ago

Ok Stumbler. You got me. I had to google extolling and I thought it was something bad but it’ means ” to highly praise” lol, so thankyou for teaching me something new in my vocabulary. Yeah I guess what sparked me and gave me some hope was i watched about 4 dif YouTube videos of ppl talking about extreme diet change and have kept themselves in remission for over 20 year periods. So that was more encouraging to a lot of other vidoes I was soaking in so thought I would mention that to the ppl that were asking about diet cuz wasn’t told that, I had to find it for myself.
As I’m going down this rabbit hole it sure cheered me up and gave me hope when I listened to their stories so figured it made sense to share them incase they hand’t heard that option yet. Hope that helps

10 months ago

@job777 , you seem to have already diagnosed yourself. Unfortunately, our bodies can be more complicated than that. The symptoms of MS can also present in various other conditions too.

The MRI scan will provide additional information, but the results may need to be analysed by a Neurologist. And further tests may also be required.

It could be considered dangerous to start treating a mystery condition. Although, a healthy diet shouldn’t do you any harm.

10 months ago

Oh understood completely. There are tonnes of auto immune diseases, and I’m not ruling out Lhymes either except the dizziness doesn’t seem as common with that. The Private MRI Dept has a radiologist with 25 yrs experience and they have a Neurologist that will get involved if lesions show up but sounds like even if lesions are present that is just the start of them considering Ms It just seems that’s it not that easy getting diagnosed and I would much rather have no lesions show and rule it out but then the more I read on these forums it seems that a lot of patients seem to take 2-3 MRI’s/lumbar taps/spinals etc until the Neuroligist is absolute. I Don’t blame them. I certainly wouldn’t want to mis diagnose something like this and it does look like it’s going to be awhile to find out so may as well be pro-active and change my eating now to see if it helps. Regardless it’s scary and not fun but I would rather know so that I can work towards getting better and then I could consider getting steroids to help take away the dizziness
and other symptoms and something for the fatigue etc. Hopefully I’ve Just been reading too much into all of this and I can rule out MS after the MRI. The CTscan was clear but I read that doesn’t show these lesions.

10 months ago

Good luck with the diet! 4 YouTube videos = anecdotal but I do believe different things work differently on each of us. There is also the placebo effect where just the thought that youre helping yourself reaps benefits. So much to consider and absorb. Good luck with finding whatever works for you and your symptoms.

10 months ago

@job777 sounds like MS, but best to go the 5hrs and see that Neuro. Maybe there is an MS nurse closer to your location? Sounds like you are pretty remote.
I was on the OMS diet ( for a year and a bit which doesn’t exclude dairy and gluten. My MS was classed as stable during this period but I am also on Gilenya.
I have now switched to the Wahls Paleo diet (
Which is no dairy, gluten, eggs… 9 cups of veggies every day and liver once a week. This diet is a lot easier than the vegan OMS diet.
I switched as I was putting on lots of weight on the OMS diet. I was replacing meat with carbs and according to my mum, carbs = fat. I have lost 4kg in the last 2 weeks on Wahls. My wife thinks I have an eating disorder.
Anyway they both have some evidence around them. Both developed by doctors with MS. Both contradict each other.
Good luck.
Where are you anyway?

10 months ago

@cammo OMS does completely exclude dairy, it’s one of the core tenets of the recommendations to follow

10 months ago

@scramblelina yes you are correct. Sorry @job777, OMS excludes dairy. It is pretty much totally vegan but includes fish.

10 months ago

i follow the best diet no dairy,gluten,low fat,i take loads of supplements and feel so much better on the diet and the supplements, i brought the book by judy graham ms naturally it has some great information on diet.

10 months ago

Awesome. Thx everyone for the info.
Yeah I like the idea of the Hunting Gatherer Paleo plan so I’m going to go that route mostly but I know my body is Good with rice and oatmeal and potatoes and eggs so I am going to try and cut my saturated fats out as much as possible, try and eat chicken and fish more often than red meat, cut out all fast food and processed foods and try to consume mostly leafy vegetables and include all the anti-inflammatory foods like pineapple, blueberries for fruits and celery, bok choy, kale, leafy greens, and walnuts chia seeds and flax seeds for nuts. Will give u guys an update in a month to let you know if my symptoms go away and how I’m following my diet and where my diagnosis stands. I’m in Grande Prairie 5 hrs NorthWest of Edmonton. 1 day at a time.

10 months ago

Thx Simone, that is really uplifting to hear.
I watched this video on YouTube and she suffered for 7 yrs to the point of deteriorating to bed ridden all the time and it took 9 months of clean eating for her to become 100% where she could compete again in sports. This encouraged me as I won Nationals twice in the past so I’m fighting back this way. I certainly am guilty of not treated my body as a temple for the last 45 yrs so it’s time I do.

Anyways I thot this video was the Judy cuz it sounded similar so I searched and found it and it’s not but it’s worth your 17 mins.

I also read some really cool studies/trials that they’ve done this with MS patients that are documented with 150 patients and over 90% of the patients that truly followed the diet 30-50 yrs later and the findings were amazing. It was also inspriring

I hope and pray that we can all feel better with eating

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