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MS causes: a theory.

I am from Scotland I love my country. Before I got MS I truly believed that I lived in the greatest county in the world. But I cant help but wonder if my country gave me MS. Scotland has the highest cases of MS than anywhere in the world, particularly in Orkney. Also when you look at wold statiscs it seems to me like MS has been spread across the world by Scottish genes. ..maybe

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@chrisgate, there is evidence that Scotland is one of the world’s MS hot spots. But, to blame MS on the Scottish people is open to a lot of debate and requires a lot of research to confirm this.
It’s just one of those interesting facts that needs to be thrown into the big bucket of various aspects of MS, which may eventually provide the cause.
Don’t blame your homeland yet…… 🙂

Like I said just a theory, but there are very little Asian MS sufferers.

Asia’s a very big place.
South East Asia is pretty hot and equatorial/southern hemisphere.
North Asia is predominantly Russia and China – would they be forthcoming with their MS stats. I’m not sure.
We can only draw conclusions from available data. If that data is incomplete, the conclusions will be flawed. Wouldn’t they?
Just my thoughts.
There’s lies, bloody lies and statistics! 🙂

It does seem to reinforce the sunshine-vitamin D connection, though.

Ms has always been it seems more prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere than in the Southern which does tie in with the whole vitamin ‘D’ thing as cameron said.

There is some interesting history regarding vikings and ms too if you look it up on the web.

Lots of theory’s, some more conclusive than others but I don’t think it can be pinned to just one country chris it’s just too widespread for that.

I have heard that a lot of the hot spots relate to Nordic or ex-Viking places. I suppose this could be genetic linked? A bit like some sorts of blood clotting disorders are more prominent in Africans, regardless of if they are in Africa, or living in America/Europe/ elsewhere. But Stumpler is right too. Very multi factorial and some counties are crap at stats/ health care. From an Australian perspective, I am from Tasmania, which has 8 times the rate of some other states. Could be north/south gradient. Or something else? Not sure it helps. My dad rang me up crying when he found out that Tas is a hotspot. Felt responsible, because he chose to take the family there. In the end, does it matter? If we can’t change it anyway?

I could buy that perhaps it is a viking curse!…maybe we should all make get together and make a sacrifice to the mighty Odin see if that helps

It is thought tht vikings settled in orkney in the middle ages which explains why there are such huge amounts of cases in orkney.

We can carry on looking for a reason why there are lots of theories about but my dx happened after I stepped out of the ratrace and started live our dream with free vit d although on the latets blood test I was low ! I think part of acceptance of our ms is to stop keep looking for a reason why . It’s here and now we have to make the most of it . Sorry but the constant looking might achieve the opposite and cause more reasons to worry and it’s energy wasted till there are some conclusive answers !

so,I probably shouldn’t sacrifice anyone to the mighty Odin?

Not just yet ! Xx femke


There is a strong genetic component to it, but also there are environmental factors such as viruses and smoking (including passive smoking as a child), not being breastfed has also been implicated (it was shown to provide protection in one study). I am the third in my family with Monkey Scrotum, and they are all on my dads side of the family. And that side of the family originates from Monkey Scrotum central AKA Scotland.

Monkey Scrotum ha ha ha! I’ve heard the ‘Great Scott’ theory before but I think it’s best to just accept that you have it and move along. I’m a black South African with MS and that really got doctors in a tizzy -it took them a year until they officially dx’d me because blacks don’t get MS. I’ve heard Scotland’s a beautiful country so keep the patriotic attitude going @chrisgate !Greetings from SA btw!


Hey I am new to all of this, I live in Canada in a hotspot. I was diagnosed just over a year ago. One of the first things that was mentioned to me was ALUMINUM content in my everyday life. I looked back and thought nothing of it b/c i really don’t use that much or come in contact with that much aluminum. Then I saw caught a very convincing documentary called What in the World Are They Spraying? It made alot of sense to me and it is not just b/c I hate my govn’t. Check it out. Explaining the link between aluminum and a bunch of neurological disease. Just my opinion…..so take care.

@mschronic is it possible that some generations ago there may have been some kind of genetic ancestor. Scotland was once part of The Great Brittish Empire, ruling most of the world, colonizing Australia, America, etc even ruling India where there are also hotspots. However I do belive that a combination of things take place in order for MS to occur, including environmental and possible infection which activate the genes which make you susceptible to MS.

@chrisgate it would be interesting to see whether I have some Scottish ancestor. I’ve got epilepsy too so I may have got something up in my genes that just makes me quite unlucky but hey these things happen. We can’t do anything about it but inject, take our meds and hope for the best 🙂

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