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2 years ago

2 years ago

Well, I had mononucleosis in my teens and my first MS symptom (optic neuritis) followed shortly after…

2 years ago

It’s common theory, MS is caused by:

1/3 Hereditary.
1/3 Ealiy Viral Bombardment.
1/3 Unkown.

In my case:

A. My mom has RE, Chrones, & Lupus. My dad has scrissis.
B. My 6 years older ‘Fabulous & Flamboyant’ brother had Mono & Epstein Barr from when I was only 7 yo.
C. My dad passed me the cold sore virus, by sharing drinks, when I was 4 yo.

2 years ago

I’ve just bought a book written by the medical medium (I know the name sounds a bit crazy but he writes some great stuff about nutrition and health) he thinks that most autoimmune diseases are caused by this. He’s called Anthony William and he has a website plus you’ll find him on social media.

4 days ago

Good morning my name is Erica and I have been diagnosed with MS since 2003. I fortunately have been symptom free since that year but I have developed celiac disease, have hiatal hernia, and other issues that have plagued me for a while. I recently came across the EBV as my homeopathic doctor said my issues are a result of the mono virus. I have started the efforts of eliminating the virus through Dr Hoe and have also been following the medical medium plant based eating habit. I have read that it’s possible I could have been misdiagnosed with MS as a result of the EBV. I’m just wonder if anyone else has thought about this or have any insight? Thank you

4 days ago

Hi @sagecat and welcome.

We all go through a stage of denial, where we feel we’ve been misdiagnosed. Doctors are very reticent in diagnosing MS. It’s a big decision with a massive impact to the patient, so they don’t want to make mistakes.

EBV has been seen as a potential culprit, but is only a part of the cause. So, it cannot be a complete answer.

Coeliacs has also been confused with MS, as the symptoms seem similar.

A homeopathic approach is OK, if it makes you feel better, dependent on the ongoing cost………..

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