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Hi, I forgot to mention something again. A symptom of PP is foot drop on my right foot. I use a leg simulator which counteracts it. I wear the stimulator just below my right knee and there is a switch I wear under my right heel, there is a controller that I wear on a lanyard. It is all wifi which is great. In walking, when I lift my right heel the switch makes the stimulator send an electrical shock down the muscle which makes it contract lifting my toes, no scuffing. It works, last week I did a 1KM circular walk, it took me 2 hours but I managed it.

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10 months ago

Great news about the 1km walk, I used to run marathons but am very glad that the last one I did was for a blind runner I guided round the course, the MS hit the next year, glad the stimulator works for you I have just given away my walking boots and the electric wheelchair and I have just started a love/hate relationship, further details later if the relationship doesn’t work! Jill xxx

9 months ago

Not only is the walk a real achievement in itself but it is the start of building up your muscle strength in the leg, which has likely been compromised to some extent by the MS . My physio is always on about the importance of strengthening and stamina, which she says is vital to ‘maintain function’. So – six months from now, your leg, your gait and overall wellness could be a whole load better!!

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